Marketplace Admin User Permission Required for Specific Partner Integrations - 11/17/2022 [RN]


What's new?

We've made the Essential StaffCARE, Rapid Paycard, WorkN, ADP WOTC, & Maximus Marketplace tiles more secure by requiring users have the Marketplace Admin user permission in order to access the integration configuration.


When the Marketplace tile is opened and the user doesn't have Marketplace Admin permissions, they will only see the partner description and a message telling them they need Marketplace Admin permissions to enable or change the integration settings.


Why did we do that?

We wanted to secure the stability of your partner integrations by limiting the user access to the integration configuration.  

Why does this matter to you, as a client/customer/user?

By ensuring only permissioned users have access, this will reduce the chances of the integration being misconfigured, impacting the usability of the integration.

Now What?

Users with BOLD administrative access should navigate to User Accounts and give the appropriate users the Marketplace Admin permission.

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