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TextUs is a two-way text messaging technology used by staffing and recruiting teams.


The TextUs extension in Chrome connects to the Aero platform through what is known as a "screen scrape" - a tool used by a browser plug-in to gather data from a recognized internet application. When Aero is running in the Google Chrome browser, the Chrome TextUs plugin extension recognizes the Aero data (e.g. phone numbers) which enables messaging from the TextUs interface to Aero employees, candidates, and contacts.  




TextUs integrates with Avionté through the Aero platform of the Avionté application. While much of the setup is done behind the scenes by Avionté and TextUs staff, a user must enter a username and password to access the application in the Google Chrome browser. 


    1. Contact your Avionté Client Manager to request the TextUs extension in Chrome. 
      • The Client Manager will provide you with next step information to obtain credentials from TextUs 
      • The Client Manager will begin setting up access on the Avionté side 

    2. Contact TextUs to obtain package information and user credentials.
      • An agreement between you and TextUs will be offered based on package selection
      • TextUs will provide initial user credentials to the TextUs application

    3. Obtain the TextUs Google Chrome plugin extension from the Google Chrome Web Store.
    4. Click ADD TO CHROME

    5. A message will prompt for a confirmation to add the extension. Click Add extension

    6. A notification with access instructions displays. Click the "x" to close the notification.

    7. The TextUs extension icon is now available in the Chrome browser. Click  

    8. The TextUs Login prompt displays. Click Log In.

    9. Enter user credentials in the corresponding fields and click Log In
      • If you've forgotten your password, click Forgot your password? to obtain password reset instructions from TextUs.

        The TextUs Home page displays.

    10. Click the  in the upper-left to play a "Welcome to TextUs" tutorial video.

    11. Click the  next to the word "Conversations" to play a "Messages + Contacts" tutorial video.

    12. Click the  button in the lower-right to search TextUs help content. 





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