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Company Overview

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Recruiters can edit and delete company information from the Company section.


Note: Recruiters can edit existing company information (Status, Company contacts, etc.) in Recruiter module's Company section, but all new companies must be added through the Avionté core application.


In many instances in Recruiter Module, an element that has been engaged is blue. An element that is available is gray.






Company Card

A Company Card displays a simplified view of information related to a company. The Company Card features dynamic QuickLinks and QuickViews that provide further details about the company, as well as a free-text description added by users.



For more information about Company Card, visit the Company Card article.




Company Search

Avionté Web Platform provides an auto-view of Company Cards when the Company tab is selected. To find specific companies, use the search field in the upper-left. Search results can be filtered by characteristics like Status, Location, and State. 


Visit the Company Search article for details. 




Add a Company

New companies are added in the Avionté core application with the Add Customer process. 


For more details about adding a company, visit the New Customer Wizard help article. 




Company Help

For help regarding the Company section, select 03.png at the top of the page. Select 03.png  on any Avionté Web Platform page or, in many cases, a specific section, to access a help article related to that specific Avionté Web Platform page or section.



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