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Talent Overview

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The Messages QuickView described in this article was implemented in the 17.1 release and replaced the Activity QuickView that was implemented in the 16.2 release.  For information about the Activity QuickView, see Talent Overview in Avionté 16.2.


The Recruiter module's Talent section provides a convenient, comprehensive view of talent regardless of the individual's assignment status. Recruiters can quickly access information about a specific Talent such as their skills, location, and current status. 






Talent Card

A Talent Card displays a quick, simplified view of information about an individual. Each Talent Card features dynamic QuickLinks and QuickViews that provide further details about the talent.




For more information about Talent Cards, visit Talent Card


Talent Search 

Avionté Web Platform provides an auto-view of Talent cards when selecting the Talent tab. To find specific individuals, use the search field in the upper left. Search results can be filtered by characteristics like Competencies, Other Qualifications, Location, and Last Name. 


Visit the Talent Search help page for details. 


Expand/Collapse Talent

Expand or collapse the Talent Cards by selecting  at the top of the page. The Talent Cards will collapse into just the header bar for each card, or expand to view the full talent card. 


Add Talent

Add Talent to Avionté Web Platform by selecting  at the top of the page.


For more details about adding Talent, visit Add Talent


Talent Menu

The Talent Menu contains actions to be applied to selected talent cards. Access the Talent Menu by selecting   at the top of the page. Once a card or multiple cards have been selected by placing a check-mark in the box next to the Talent's name, Talent menu actions, such as "Send an email", can be applied to the Talent. 


Talent Help

For help regarding the Talent section, select   at the top of the page. Select  on any Avionté Web Platform page or, in many cases, a specific section, to access a help article related to that specific Avionté Web Platform page or section. 


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