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Contact Card

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This page provides an overview of the contact cards used in Recruiter Module. All parts of a contact card are defined here, and there are links to pages providing more in-depth information regarding usage.

Contact Cards provide a simplified display of information related to a contact. The Contact Card features dynamic links that display additional details about the contact.



Contact Card Header

The header for the contact card contains identification information for the contact.



Element Description
Contact Name The name of the contact.
Contact Title The contact's occupational title.
Contact Company The name of the company for which the contact works. 
Status  The current status of the contact. 




Contact Card QuickLinks

The Contact Card QuickLinks section contains buttons which either display additional details regarding a contact, or allow a recruiter to use one of the entered contact methods.



Icon Description
03.png The contact's phone number. A star indicates it is the contacts preferred method of contact.
04.png The contact's email address.

The Details QuickLink generates a view of in-depth information about a contact including associated documents.

When selected, the Details link changes from a 05.png icon to a 06.png icon enabling a quick return to the previous view.


For in-depth information about Contact Card QuickLinks, visit the Contact Card QuickLinks page.



Contact Card Summary

The Contact card summary gives a basic overview of the contact. It is a free-form text field and can be edited or updated as information about the contact changes.


Summary A free-form text field in which the user may insert information about the contact. Click on the text to generate a pop-up editing window.
Note: This field has a 500 Character limit




Edit a Contact Summary

  1. Select a Contact card.
  2. Click on the summary section. A text editing window containing the existing summary will appear.


  3. Make any edits to the summary.

  4. Select Done to record changes, or Cancel to close without applying changes.




Contact Card QuickView Links

The Contact Card QuickView section contains link which display data relevant to this contact. 


Field Description
Details The Details QuickView provides a view of the contact's specific contact info such as phone numbers and email addresses. 
Orders The Orders QuickView provides a view of any orders associated to the contact.

A log of all messages associated with the selected Contact card.  Messages logged in either the Core Application or Recruiter Module are displayed in the Messages QuickView.

See Avionté Web Platform FAQ for more information about messages.


For in-depth information about Contact Card QuickView, visit the Contact Card QuickView page.

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