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Application Workflow - Account Create (Applicant Accounts)

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Application Support Series: 
Completing a Job Application
This documentation is for applicants who are applying for a job. Welcome is one of the screens that is included in a job application. To see additional job application related help articles, follow the links below: 

Welcome (General Information)

Welcome: Prescreen

Welcome: Account create

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Professional experience


Interview Questions






The recruiter may require you to create a user account when applying for a job.  


If you already have a user account you will have been asked to sign in to that account on the welcome screen.  See Welcome Screen for more information.



  1. In the Create a user name field, enter a username for this account.

  2. In the Enter a password field, enter a password. When creating this password, follow the password creation guidelines in the Password tips section of the Create account screen.

  3. Verify the new password by entering it in the Re-enter your password to verify field.

  4. Select Create account.



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