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Candidate Card QuickViews

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The QuickView links on a candidate card allow a recruiter to view and manage information about the candidate.



Element Description
Career Contains information such as work history, resume, and education.
Qualifications A listing of skills, including tools and proficiencies; qualifications, such as certifications and licenses; additional descriptive tags, and any skill codes previously defined.
Q & A Interview questions and other on-boarding data.

A log of all messages associated with the selected Candidate card.  Messages logged in either the Core Application or Recruiter Module are displayed in the Messages QuickView.

See Avionté Web Platform FAQ for more information about messages.



Career QuickView

The Career QuickView generates a display of the candidate's professional experience and education. 

Career information is generated when a talent is added to Avionté Web Platform from a resume parse.






Qualifications QuickView

The Qualifications QuickView generates a display of, and allows the editing of competencies, other qualifications (e.g. certifications and licenses), additional descriptive tags, and any skill codes previously defined.


Element Description
Competencies The candidate's specific skills.
Other Qualifications Refers to certified knowledge or experience rather than specific tools. Qualifications may include certifications, coursework completion, or position-related recognition.
Additional Tags Tags are a free-form categorization mechanism in Avionté Web Platform that allow users to group records based on information that is not part of the standard data of a record. A tag can be used to populate specific search results or to help manage workflow or process-related activity. For example, if the tag "humorous" were attached to a candidate, that candidate would be included in search results for the term "humorous."
Avionté Skill Codes

If a Skill Code has been created in the Avionté Core Application, it will appear here as a "read-only" value. Skill Codes may only be managed in the Core Application.

A Skill Code is a specified competence or proficiency used to define an applicant. Avionté users configure specific names (codes) to each skill on a resume to help manage the applicant in a database. 



Editing Qualifications

Some of the sections in the Qualifications pane can be edited right in the pane. Competencies, Other Qualifications, and Additional Tags can be edited in this area. Because Avionté Skill Codes are a part of the Core Application, they are not editable in the Qualifications pane. See Managing Avionté Skill Codes below for editing information. 

  1. Select 04.png to open an editing window for that section.


  2. Enter a competency title into the "Enter tool or competency..." field.
  3. Select 06.png. The newly entered item will appear as a proficiency requested by the order. To remove an item, select the 07.png next to the item.

  4. Select Done to save changes or Cancel to ignore changes when completed.



Q & A QuickView

The Q & A QuickView area features data gathered during the candidate's application process. 






The Interview area of the Q & A QuickView, shown by default, features questions and answers from the candidate's interview. Questions and answers can be edited or deleted from this area.






Add a Question and Answer

  1. Select the 10.png button in the Q&A header. The Interview Question window opens.

  2. Enter a question in the field at the top of the window. As a question is entered in this field, previously asked questions will populate in the drop-down menu. Continue typing to create a new question, or select a question from the drop-down menu by clicking on it.


  3. Enter the Candidate's response in the field below. 

  4. Click Done to close the window. The question and answer will appear in the window on the far right. 




Edit an Interview Question and Answer

  1. Select the 12.png icon next to the question to be edited. The Interview Question pop-up window will display.


  2. Edit the question by selecting a pre-existing interview question from the question from the drop-down menu or type a new question. 

  3. Edit the answer by clicking in the text field and changing the text.

  4. Select Done to save changes and close the window.




Delete an Interview Question & Answer


  1. Select the 14.png icon next to the question and answer to be deleted.

  2. A pop-up window will ask for confirmation of the action. Select Yes. The question will be removed from the Candidate's profile.



Messages QuickView



The Messages QuickView provides a list of all messages associated with the selected Candidate card.  Messages logged in either the Core Application or Recruiter Module are displayed in the Messages QuickView.


See Avionté Web Platform FAQ for more information about messages.


Clicking on Messages in the current card will display all messages associated with the current record in the Messages QuickView.  




Each message displays the name of the message creator and is stamped with the date it was created. Messages in the QuickView are sorted in reverse chronological order according to the message creation date.


Message Categories

All messages created in the Recruiter Module are logged as the “Message” message category.  


All three categories of messages available in the Core Application, “Messages”, “Appointments”, and “Tasks”, can be viewed in the Recruiter Module. The message type is displayed in the message header alongside the message’s activity type.  



Message Links



Messages created in the Core Application can be linked to other records in the system, but this functionality is limited in the Recruiter Module.  New messages logged in the Recruiter Module are created with the following record links:

Section Name

Default Record Link(s) in New Message

Talent Card

Employee Record

Order Card

Order Record, Customer Record

Candidate Card

Order Record, Employee Record

Company Card

Customer Record

Contact Card

Contact Record


It is not possible to link a message to any other records via the Recruiter Module.


View Linked Records

Links to records that the Recruiter Module can access are displayed as hyperlinks in the message links field, sorted by section.  Messages that are linked to a record that the Recruiter Module can’t display are shown as normal text.




Links to records accessible by the Recruiter Module are presented in two ways, depending on the number of linked records per category:


View a Linked Record in a Message that Contains Single Linked Record

A message that links to a single record in a section displays the record name as a hyperlink.


Select the desired hyperlink to open the linked record in a new browser tab.


View a Linked Record in a Message that Contains Multiple Linked Records

A message that links to multiple records in a section will display a link labeled as “Show all XX”, where XX is the number of linked records in the category.


  1. Select the desired “Show all XX” hyperlink to expand the links field and view all linked records in that section.  

  2. Select the link in the expanded field to open the linked record in a new browser tab.



View a Message


  1. Select the body text of a message in the QuickView.


  2. The View message window is displayed. This is a read-only view of the message.


  3. Click Close to close the window.  



Add a New Message

  1. Select Messages from the Candidate card.


  2. Select 10.png. The Add message window is displayed.


  3. From the Message type drop-down menu, select the appropriate message type.  The items that appear in this menu can be customized.  
    Note: See Add an Action Type for more information about how to configure the options available in this menu.

  4. In the Subject field, enter a short subject line for the message.

  5. In the Message field, enter the message content.

  6. When finished, select the Done button to save the message.  




Edit an Existing Message

The ability to edit a message depends on thye permissions that have been configured for the current user in the Core Application. For more information about the user permissions required to edit messages created by other users, see Config Option - AllowEditMessage.


  1. Select Messages from the Candidate card.


  2. Tap the message’s title or hover the mouse cursor over the title bar of the message to be edited.  The Edit button will appear if the message can be edited.


  3. Select the 04.png button.  The Edit Message window will be displayed.  


  4. Edit the content as desired.

  5. Select Done to save the edited message.




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