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Greenshades Guide - Year-End: 1095-C & 1094-C - Print & Mail

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This article provides step-by-step instructions for printing and mailing ACA forms to EMPLOYEES through the Greenshades integration.

Please note this is an optional service and additional costs may apply.


  1. From the Main Menu, navigate to Back Office > Weekly Process

  2. Click Generate Green Shade to generate the Greenshades XML. Select the correct year to be generated and Q4 ACA from the "Quarter" drop-down menu. This feed will be used to build the 1095-C and 1094-C for the IRS.  Click on Generate XML.
    For information about how to generate this feed, see Generate the Greenshades Feed and XML.

  3. If you do not receive errors, move to Step 5. If you receive errors when generating the Greenshades Feed and XML, the "Error Generating Feed" window display with the number of errors. Click Yes to view the errors. A list of the errors with a summary of the issue(s) will display.

  4. Review the error messages and close the window once they have been reviewed. At this point, you can resolve the errors or ignore them. When you are ready to re-generate the Feed and XML, click on the "Details" tab and repeat Step 2-3.

  5. Click Launch Greenshades to launch the Greenshades tax application. The "Select Returns to File" window displays. Again, select Q4 ACA from the "Quarter" drop-down menu. 

  6. In the Greenshades Tax Filing Center, choose Create Year-End Forms from the main menu.

  7. Select the correct year and 1095-C from their respective drop-down menus.

  8. Click Next to upload a new Formset

  1. The number of forms available for upload is displayed. Click Upload Forms

  2. A “Forms Uploaded” confirmation displays when the upload is complete. At this point, the administrator will also receive an email confirmation. Click Next to proceed.

  3. A list of previously added administrators is displayed. Check the Authorized box to determine which users can access and manage this Formset.
    • If an administrator needs to be added to this list, click ‘Add New Contact’.
    • If an existing administrator needs to reset their password, click ‘Reset Password’. 

  4. Once administrators have been selected, click Next.

  5. A confirmation screen displays. Click the link and login with Greenshades Online credentials to administer forms. An authorized user will get an email with the same link to YEF(Year End Forms) or

    • If forms are still being created, a message may display stating that the forms are still processing.  Users may input an email address and click Finish to receive notification when the form processing is complete.

  6. THIS IS NOT THE END OF THE PROCESS. Once 1095-C form information has been uploaded into a new Formset on Year-End Forms, any authorized administrator can begin completing the year-end forms process in Greenshades Online.  COMPLETE THE PRINT AND MAIL PROCESS ON THE GREENSHADES ONLINE WEBSITE. 

    The first time a user logs into a new Formset on Year-End Forms, they'll be presented a Welcome Wizard guiding setup steps for the 1095-C Formset. Follow the wizard to complete the 1095-C/1094-C filing.



Greenshades Year-End Video Help

Greenshades online documentation includes video tutorials at

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