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Peoplenet - Integration Partner Support Center Use

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If you're an integration partner, you have access to the Avionté Support Center and can create tickets on behalf of your customers. For instance, if a customer would like to use your Avionté integration, you can create a ticket that designates who, what, where, etc. in an efficient, trackable format that will be immediately assigned to the proper Avionté personnel.


If you're a partner and need Avionté Support Center credentials, email



Support Center Glossary

Agents- Avionté staff members who complete ticket requests.

Organizations- Companies using Avionté software.

Requesters- Peoplenet employees. The individuals who are using the Support Center to set up new integration requests and incidents requiring support.



Create Credentials

The designated Requesters in your organization will receive an email from Avionté Support asking them to follow a link to create their Support Center username and password. These Requesters must click this link to set their display name and Support Center password. Only the designated Requesters will be able to create credentials and sign in.



Sign In

Requesters have the ability to log in to the Support Center, submit tickets, and track tickets. To access Avionté’s Support Center, navigate to This address will bring you to the Support Center homepage.


Click Sign in on the top-right side of the Support Center home screen. You will then be prompted to sign in with your credentials. Your sign in credentials are your email (the one to which you received your initial welcome email) and the password you set via the email link. You can change these credentials at any time by signing in and editing your user settings.




Edit User Settings/Password

You can make adjustments to your user profile such as changing your display name, email, and/or phone number if necessary. To do this:

  1. Navigate to the Support Center homepage at

  2. Log in with your Requester credentials via the Sign in button on the top-right corner of the home screen.

  3. Click on your name.

  4. Select Edit my profile.

  5. From the drop-down menu, type in your changes and click off to save.
    base2a.png     base3.png


You may also change your password via this drop-down menu by clicking the Change password button. Click this and the system will prompt for your current password and a new password.



Ticket Submission

When Should I Use the Online Ticket System?

  • The Support Center should be utilized to submit new client integration set up requests or incidents related to integrations requiring additional support.


Who Can Submit Tickets through the Support Center?

Only Requesters can submit tickets through the Support Center. These Requesters will be contacted by Avionté to set up a Support Center username and password. These users will be required to sign in before they are allowed to submit a ticket request. 



Submit a Ticket

  1. Sign in to the Support Center on the home screen by clicking Sign in on the top right side of the screen. Remember: Only Requesters are allowed to sign in and submit ticket requests.

  2. Click Submit a ticket. The Ticket Submission page opens.

  3. A drop-down menu will prompt for the nature of the request. 

    Though there are three options, select one of these two options:

    • “I would like support with an issue I have encountered” – Choose this if you need to report an incident requiring additional support from the Avionté Technical team

    • “I would like help understanding how to use a specific functionality” – This is used by staffing companies only. Please disregard.

      Your choice from the drop-down menu will prompt you to answer further questions below. These fields populate automatically based on your answers to sub-questions to give Avionté all the information we need to assist you.

      Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*). You are also encouraged to attach screenshots to your submission to help our team better understand your needs. To attach a file, click Add file under the Attachments section at the bottom of the screen. Locate your file and click Open.

    • The third option, "I would like an update specific to my Avionté application." is for new setups that will always be initiated by Avionté. Peoplenet should never need to use this option.

  1. Once you have completed the questions and attached any relevant documents, click Submit to submit your ticket. If you are missing any required fields, an error bar will appear at the very top of the screen telling you what fields you are missing.




Incident Ticket Request

  1. Select “I would like support with an issue I have encountered” from the drop-down menu.

  2. In the Subject text box, type “Peoplenet - [client name]” and a subject regarding the issue

  3. In the Ticket Type drop-down menu, first select “Integrations” and then “Peoplenet”

  4. Under the Did you attach a screenshot? drop-down menu, select “Yes” or “No”

  5. In the Please provide a specific example of the issue box, indicate any integration specific unique identifiers or affected records. If not applicable, type “N/A”

  6. In the Description field, provide a detailed description of the incident and any relevant details.

  7. In the Priority drop-down menu, please select a severity level for the incident.

  8. In the Ticket Requester Preferred Phone Number text box, provide a phone number to best reach the appropriate resource.

  9. Attach any relevant documents, screenshots, etc. in the Attachments section.

  10. Click Submit.
    • You will not be able to submit until all required fields are filled.

Request a New Setup

  1. Select "I would like an update specific to my Avionté application" from the drop-down menu.

  2. In the Subject text box, type “Peoplenet [client name]: New Set-Up”

  3. In the Ticket Type drop-down menu, first select “Set Ups” and then “Integration” and then “Background Check”

  4. Under the Please provide your integration credentials text box, indicate any specific credentials.

  5. In the Did you receive documentation from an integration partner? drop-down menu, indicate “Yes” or “No.”

  6. In the Description field, provide detailed information that will be required for proper set up.

  7. Attach any relevant documents in the Attachments section.

  8. Click Submit.
    • You will not be able to submit the ticket without all required fields filled out.





Peoplenet -Specific Required Elements:

  • Attach setup document to the ticket. The document should include all packages and associated credentials including integration key.  




Activities Page

The Activities page allows Requesters to view all of tickets that they are copied on in order to follow progress and follow up as needed. This page will load after you have submitted a new request or when you click My tickets from the home screen.






Tracking Tickets

As a Requester, you can track your organization’s tickets in the Support Center on the Activities page under Requests I'm CC'd On.base7.png


  • Use the Search Requests bar to search tickets by Ticket ID, Subject, and many other descriptors.

  • Use the drop-down to the right of the Search bar to filter tickets by Status. The three statuses you can view are Open, Solved, and Awaiting Your Reply. Tickets marked Awaiting Your Reply require a response from a Requester. Please make sure to check these as they may require the response of ADP resource or the staffing company resource. To respond or make comments on a submitted ticket, you first need to view it.
    • View a ticket by clicking on the ticket’s Subject.

    • From here, you can view all comments on the ticket, reply or add comments, and see all of the ticket information submitted.


    • To comment or reply on a ticket, simply type your response in the Add Your Reply field, then click Add Reply.

    • You may submit a new request from this screen by scrolling to the bottom and clicking Submit a request.

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