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eDocument - W-4 Income Tax Withholding Forms

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A W-4 is a document that employees turn in to an employer to calculate federal and (sometimes) state withholdings. In the event a state has their own version of the W-4 form, Avionté users may choose that version for the application workflow. Federal and State form examples are available below.


Federal W-4 Form




State W-4 Forms

While some states accept the federal version of the W-4 form, the states listed below have their own. Bureau of Labor Statistics State Tax Withholding Forms:


​State ​State W-4 Tax Withholding Forms
Alabama Employee’s Withholding Exemption Certificate
Alaska No state withholding
Arizona Employee's Arizona Withholding Certificate
​Arkansas ​​Employee’s Withholding Exemption Certificate
California Employee Withholding Allowace Certificate
Colorado Uses federal form
Connecticut Employee's Withholding Certificate

​Withholding Worksheet

Computation Worksheet

District of Columbia Employee Withholding Allowance Certificate
Florida No state withholding

G-4 Withholding Certificate

G-7 Quarterly Return (Monthly Filers)

G-7 (Quarterly Return (Quarterly Filers)


HW-14 Withholding Tax Return
HW-4 Withholding Certificate


Uses federal form


IL-941 Withholding Tax Return
IL-W-4 Withholding Certificate


Withholding Instructions

WH-4 Withholding Certificate

Iowa IA W-4 Withholding Certificate
IA Withholding Monthly Deposit
Kansas KW-3 Withholding Tax Return
Kentucky K-4 Withholding Certificate
Louisiana L-4 Withholding Certificate
Maine W-4ME Withholding Certificate
Maryland MW 507 Withholding Certificate
Massachussets M-4 Withholding Certificate
Maryland MW 507 Withholding Certificate

MI- W-4 Withholding Certificate

Michigan City W-4 Forms


Uses federal form

Special circumstances (W-4MN)

Mississippi Uses federal form
Missouri MO-941 Return of Income Taxes
MO-W-4 Withholding Certificate
Montana Uses federal form
Nebraska Uses federal form
Nevada No state withholding
New Hampshire No state withholding
New Jersey  NJ-W4
New Mexico Uses federal form
New York NYS-45 Combined Withholding Return
North Carolina NC-4 Withholding Certificate
North Dakota Uses federal form
Ohio IT-4 Withholding Certificate
Oklahoma Withholding Return
Oregon  Uses federal form
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania withholding information
Puerto Rico Withholding Exemption Certificate
Rhode Island Uses federal form
South Carolina Withholding Guide
WH-1605 Quarterly Withholding Return
South Dakota No state withholding
Tennessee No state withholding
Texas No state withholding
Utah Uses federal form

Uses federal form

VT W-4 Withholding Certificate

Virgin Islands N/A
Virginia VA W-4 Withholding Certificate
Washington No state withholding
West Virginia WVIT-104 Withholding Certificate
Wisconsion WT-4 Withholding Exemption Certificate
WT-4A Withholding Worksheet
Wyoming No state withholding


Note: If an employee enters "exempt" on a W4 the exemption (or dependents) amount will be updated to 99. A W4 eDocument should never update the "IsTaxExempt" checkbox, because this form is not required for employees that are truly tax exempt (Resident Aliens, or Clergy members).

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