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Application Workflow - Welcome

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Application Support Series: 
Completing a Job Application
This documentation is for applicants who are applying for a job. Welcome is one of the screens that is included in a job application. To see additional job application related help articles, follow the links below: 

Welcome (General Information)

Welcome: Prescreen

Welcome: Account create

Personal info


Professional experience


Interview Questions






Welcome Screen

The Welcome screen is the first stage in the application process.




Sign In

  1. If you’ve already created an account with this recruiter, click the "Sign in" link in the upper right corner of the job board page.

  2. Enter your username and password.


  3. Select the Sign in link.  The Sign in page will be displayed.

  4. Enter your username and password.

  5. Select the Sign in button. You will be taken directly to the Personal info section of the application process.


If you don’t have a user account with this recruiter, then follow the instructions in the Complete the Welcome Screen section below.




Complete the Welcome Screen

The Welcome screen collects your contact information and associates it with your application.




Required fields have bolded labels.


  1. Enter your name in the appropriate fields.


  2. Enter your email address.


  3. From the Office nearest you drop-down menu, select the recruiter office location that is nearest to you.  
    Note: This field may be required if you were directed to this job application from a direct link, e.g., in an email, a Facebook message, etc.

  4. Enter your phone number.

  5. Add a check next to Remember me to allow this computer to remember you and the information entered on this screen. Note: Do not check this box if you’re filling this application out on a public or shared computer. Your personal information may become visible to others if this box is checked.


  6. Select Done.



If the email address you entered in step 2 is already associated with a user account, you’ll be prompted to sign in with that account.




If you’ve forgotten the username and/or password associated with this email address, see Welcome: Account create to learn how to recover this information.




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