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Avionté University

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Table of Contents 

General Information


Subscription Options

Complimentary Subscription - During Implementation

Paid Subscription


The Admin Portal

Log In

Invite Learners

View Learner List

Pathing Learners

Suggested Learning Paths

Transcript / Reporting

Inactivate Users


Standard Enrollment Key

Custom Enrollment Key

Course Descriptions


The Learner Portal

Learner Enrollment

Learner Login

Forgot Password

Using Avionté University


Additional Help


Site Support






General Information

The Avionté Training Department provides training content on the Avionté University site for learners at

With the proper credentials, the site can be accessed on an admin level, at

The content consists of narrated walkthroughs, interactive testing, and results feedback. The content serves as an introduction to new users. Typically, Avionté University use is followed by attending New User Training Courses with a professional trainer using the system and learners asking questions.

Note: The URL used to gain administrative access to Avionté University is different from the regular user URL. Please ensure your users are logging into the correct address.





Complimentary Subscription (during implementation)

All accounts are free during the implementation process and an additional 30 days after a client's live date. To keep any seats after this date, please contact your Strategic Account Executive regarding the purchase of a subscription.



User Structure

Avionté recommends the following user structure:

  • One client user will be made Administrator. They have access to user enrollment, and completion reporting, and as such will be responsible for enrolling team learners and keeping everyone on track.
  • Project Leads need to complete Avionté University prior to scope.
  • Regular End Users need to complete Avionté University prior to training.



Responsibilities of the AU Administrator

During implementation, the Project Manager will request an Avionté University account and administrator credentials for clients.

  1. Instructions and link to our Quick Start sheet are sent to the client's Avionté University administrator.
  2. During implementation, administrators are also pre-enrolled in the courses and can navigate between the two portals using the menu option in the upper-right of each portal.
  3. Using the provided instructions, the administrator will invite learners to enroll in Avionté University. Learners that have enrolled, but have not started courses within 30 days, may be deleted automatically. For this reason, it is recommended that users should only enroll when they’re ready to train. Once an account is removed the data cannot be retrieved.
  4. The administrator is able to export learner reports and/or transcripts if a permanent record of learner activity is desired.
  5. When implementation is completed the administrator will be given the opportunity to purchase an Avionté University subscription at one of the available tiers.

    Note: If the subscription is declined, all learner accounts will be removed 30 days after the client's live date. To purchase a subscription at any time, view the article titled Paid Subscription




Paid Subscription

Contact your Strategic Account Executive to purchase a subscription to Avionté University.

  • Your SAE will create a Support Ticket and attach an addendum for the purchase.
  • Review the Avionté University Best Practices sheet in order to remain within your chosen pricing tier.
  • You will be asked to sign and return the addendum and provide a name and email address for your administrator account.
  • The Avionté University account is created and instructions sent to your administrator.




Please contact your Strategic Account Executive. 



Responsibilities of the AU Administrator

After purchasing an Avionté University subscription:

  1. Instructions and link to the Admin Portal are sent to your Avionté University administrator.
  2. Using the provided instructions, your administrator will invite learners to enroll in Avionté University.
  3. Your administrator is able to export learner reports and/or transcripts if a permanent record of learner activity is desired.
  4. Your administrator is responsible for inactivating learner accounts when the learner has completed the courses. Once an account is removed the data cannot be retrieved.




Avionté University Admin Portal

Admin Log In

Once the request for an Avionté University account is made (via your PM or your SAE) an email which includes your username and a link to reset your temporary administrator password is sent.

  1. Use a Chrome browser to follow the provided link and re-set your temporary password.
  2. Future logins: Navigate to

  3. Enter your provided username and the password you created.



Navigate Between Portals

If your account grants you access to both the Admin and Learner portals you will have the option to move between the two with one set of credentials.

From the Admin Portal, select Learner Side from the navigation menu in the upper right. From the Learner Portal, select Admin from the navigation menu in the upper right.
NavBetweenPortals_Admin.png LearnerMenu.png





Invite Learners

  1. Navigate to:

  2. Log in using your provided Username and the Password you created.
  3. From the Absorb Panel click Users and select Enrollment Keys.

  4. Click the checkbox at the far left of the enrollment key. If you have requested more than one enrollment key, ensure you are selecting the key with the most appropriate set of courses for your learner(s).

  5. Select Send Enrollment Key Instructions from the Actions menu. The Enrollment Key Instructions page will load.

  6. From the Enrollment Key Instructions page, check the Send to individuals only checkbox.

  7. Type the email addresses of those you are inviting to enroll in Avionté University.
    Enter only one email address per text field.
    If additional fields are necessary, click Add Email Address as needed.
  8. You may customize the email content, however DO NOT REMOVE any bracketed strings
    for example {{{KeyName}}}.

  9. Click Send and the email will be sent to the addresses you have included.

Your employees should follow the instructions they receive via email to create their account. By default, they will be enrolled in all courses offered via Avionté University. If you wish to modify the course list by employee roles, see the Pathing Users section and/or Custom Enrollment Key section.




View Learner List

Your invited learners will not appear in Avionté University until they complete the account creation process.

  1. To view a list of your learners, navigate to the Users page.

  2. The employees that have created a Learner Account in Avionté University are listed. Anyone not listed on the Users page has not yet created their account. You may wish to follow up with those individuals.

  3. Select a learner to view details about their account.
  4. To view additional data in the report grid, select it from the Display Columns dropdown.





Pathing Learners

By default a new Enrollment Key includes all courses. You may create a custom learning path for users by adding or removing courses appropriate for their role with your company. There is also an option to create additional Custom Enrollment Keys, see the section Custom Enrollment Key for details.

Add Courses to a Learner's Enrollment

  1. Navigate to the Users page.

  2. From the Users page, select a User.

  3. Choose View Enrollments to load a list of all courses this learner is enrolled in.

  4. The selected learner's enrollment list will load. Review the enrollments.

  5. To add courses to the learner's enrollment, select Enrollment.

  6. Select the Add Courses button.

  7. From the Select Courses window, choose the courses to add to this learner's enrollment.

  8. Click the Continue button. The chosen courses are added to the learner's enrollment.




Remove Courses from a Learner's Enrollment

  1. To remove courses from the learner’s enrollment follow steps 1 - 4 above, select the courses to be removed from the list.

  2. Click Un-enroll from the Actions menu. The selected courses are removed from the learner’s enrollment.

  3. Click OK in the Un-enroll window. The courses have been removed from the learner's enrollment.

  4. Select the User Transcript button to view the learner’s transcript and the changes you have made to their enrollment.




Suggested Learning Paths

Videos and Courses Front Office Back Office Recruiter Sales Admin
Avionte 101 x x x x x
Front Office 101 x   x   x
Front Office 102 x   x   x
Front Office 103 x     x x
Front Office 104 x     x x
Back Office Basics - Course   x    
Customer Back Office Setup - Course   x     x
Employee Payroll Setup - Course   x     x
Time Entry - Course   x     x
Payroll Processing - Course   x     x
Billing Process - Course   x     x
Accounts Receivable - Course   x     x
Admin Tools         x
Web Modules x   x x x
Paperless Mobile Onboarding - Course x   x   x
ACA 101 - Companion Setup - Course         x
ACA 102 - Tracking - Course         x
General Ledger - Course         x
Quarterly Tax Filing - Course         x
Portals 101   x     x
Reports 101  x x     x
WC & Unemployment   x     x

Those using the Connect Solution should reference the Learner Pathing in the Connect Solution attached to this article.





Transcript / Reporting

User Transcript

The transcript is a great resource to track individual learner progress. The User Transcript is available from the Users page. Here you can view the learner’s certificates earned by successfully completing the courses.

  1. Navigate to the Users page.

  2. Select the user from the list of your learners.
  3. Select the User Transcript button. The learner's transcript loads.

  4. Earned certificates, status, and scores of courses are shown.

  5. Click the course name from within the Course Enrollments section to drill down into more detail about the learner’s progress with this specific course.

  6. Make any necessary updates to the course record by choosing one of the status options; Not Completed, Completed or Failed.
  7. Update the score as needed.

  8. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select the Edit icon.

  9. Again choose the status; Not Completed, Completed or Failed.
  10. Update the score as needed.
  11. Click the Continue button.

  12. Save your changes.




Learner Progress

The Learner Progress report provides valuable information regarding the advancement of all learners in one report.

  1. Select Reports > Learner Progress to navigate to the Learner Progress report.

  2. First time use, click the Course Filter and click the blue + to select the courses in which your learners are enrolled.

  3. Click Update Filter. You are able to view the progress of your learners in the selected courses.
  4. Set up your display columns by selecting and deselecting them from the list.

  5. Organize your chosen columns. Place your cursor over a column heading, when the cross symbol is shown drag the column to its new position.

  6. Select the Saved Layouts icon and click the Create New button.

  7. Title your layout and select Create New.

  8. To export this report, click the Generate Report icon, choose Excel or CSV from the drop down. In the future this report will be available under the Saved Layout icon.

  9. Click Generate. When generation is complete you may download your report.

 Additional reports are available under the Reports menu.




Inactivate Users

Your Avionté University admin is responsible for setting completed learner accounts to inactive. This is important because your pricing tier is determined by the number of unique learner accounts in a given month. Therefore, when learners have completed their courses, it is important that their status be changed promptly. If the learners aren’t inactivated they will automatically roll into the next month and will be counted on your invoice for that month. The rollover will continue until the learners are inactivated or removed for non-activity. Review our Best Practices for more details.

  1. Navigate to the Groups page Users > Groups.

  2. Select the group titled Inactive – Do Not Delete this Group!

  3. Click the Edit Group button.

  4. From the Users drop down, select the learners who have completed their courses.

  5. Save your changes.

  6. From the Groups page, select View Users to see a list of the learners you have added.


Members of the Inactive group will continue to be listed on the Users page until they are deleted at the completion of the billing cycle.

Once a learner account is removed the data cannot be retrieved.

To remove a learner from the Inactive group:

Should you need to remove a learner from the group select Edit Group and click the X associated with the user name.






Avionté University Courses

Standard Enrollment Key

Each company account is given an enrollment key which provides access to all offered courses. Use of the enrollment key is discussed in the Invite Learners section of this article.


Introduction to Avionté

Avionté 101 – Intro to Avionté

Front Office

Front Office 101 – Customers and Contacts

Front Office 102 – Orders

Front Office 103 – Applicant and Employee

Front Office 104 – Candidate Management

Back Office Interactive Courses

Back Office Basics Interactive Course

Customer Back Office Setup Interactive Course

Employee Payroll Setup Interactive Course

Time Entry Interactive Course

Payroll Processing Interactive Course

Billing Process Interactive Course

Accounts Receivable Interactive Course

Admin Tools

Admin Tools – Employee and System

Web Modules

Modules Overview

Paperless Mobile Onboarding Interactive Course

ACA Interactive Courses

ACA 101 - Companion Application Setup Interactive Course

ACA 102 - Tracking & Reporting Interactive Course

Elective Interactive Courses

Quarterly Tax Filing Interactive Course

General Ledger Interactive Course

Elective Videos

Portals 101

Reports 101 – Reports and Advanced Search

Worker’s Comp and Unemployment 101


If you do not see our new interactive courses listed in your Enrollment Key and would like to have access to them, please create a support ticket for our training team and request the addition of the courses.




Custom Enrollment Key

If the majority of your learners only need certain courses, you may wish to request a custom enrollment key which includes only those courses.

  • Create a support center ticket for our training team.
  • Note the courses you wish to include.
  • Additional enrollment key(s) will be created.
  • Select the appropriate enrollment key when sending the Enrollment Key Instructions to a new learner.
  • Note that only new accounts are affected, existing learner accounts are not updated.




Course Descriptions


Introduction to Avionté 

Avionté 101 – Intro to Avionté
You will learn the basics of Avionté along with some tips and tricks on how to navigate through the system like a pro. We will discuss the Start Page in depth while breaking down the Knowledge Base, Dynamic Panels, Calendar and Task functionality, Main Menu, and Terminology. We will also talk about Basic Search and how to manipulate the columns found in that section as well as how to print and export the information to Excel. The course will finish with your trainer explaining email functionality in the system, specifically Email Profile Setup, Favorites Groups, how to create Email Templates, Mass Mail Setup, and Scheduling. Approximately 1.5 hours.


Front Office Videos

Front Office 101 – Customers and Contacts
This course is great for everyone, especially if you work closely with your company’s customers. In Front Office 101 you will be taught how to enter new customers into your Avionté database and manage their records on a day-to-day basis. Learn about the customer sales and onboarding processes as well as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), where Sales/Service and Revenue Opportunity come into play. You will also learn about the contact side of Avionté, specifically how to add a contact and where to edit their information. Finally, you will be shown the benefits of using departments in Avionté. Approximately 1 hour.

Front Office 102 – Orders
Would you know what do to if one of your customers called in with a need for a job fill? If the answer to that question is no, then complete this course and learn about Order functionality in Avionté. You will learn about the Customer Order Options Sub-Tree and how this can tie into department use from Front Office 101. You will also walk through entering new Temp Orders and Direct Hire Orders into the system and learn what is specific to Avionté in separating the two. Approximately 1 hour.

Front Office 103 – Applicant and Employee
Not only is the course helpful for everyone who wants to understand the employee side of Avionté, but it is especially great for all of our recruiters. This course will start off with a walk through of the Applicant Portal and allow you to see how all of the entered information flows from the portal to the core application. You will also learn how to enter Employees in Avionté and see how to utilize the system for New Hire Workflow as well as Employee Record Maintenance. Approximately 1.5 hours.

Front Office 104 – Candidate Management
Candidates, orders and assignments – Oh my! This course will help you to understand the difference between Orders and Assignments in Avionté and where Candidates come into play. You will learn to review the skills, requirements, and certifications sections of the order placed in Front Office 102 before creating a list of candidates for that order with Auto-Match. Additionally you will learn how to assign Employees to Orders and discuss the benefits of using Avionté. Approximately 1 hour.


Back Office Interactive Courses

Back Office Basics
This course serves as the introduction to Back Office in Avionté. Consider these lessons prerequisites to the Time Entry, Payroll, Billing, AR, and Weekly Process courses. The user will work at their own pace through this interactive course. Completion time is approximately .5 hour.

Customer Back Office Setup
Before generating invoices for a new customer, there are a few items to configure for the billing process. This course introduces the user to the items needing set up in the Customer record before invoicing clients for your services. The user will work at their own pace through this interactive course. Completion time is approximately .5 hour.

Employee Payroll Setup
Before running payroll, there is important information that needs to be collected and set up for employees in order to accurately pay them. These payroll items are located in the Employee record and need to be configured before the employee is placed on assignment. The user will work at their own pace through this interactive course. Completion time is approximately .5 hour.

Time Entry
Time Entry is the first step in the Avionté Back Office process and serves as the basis for payroll and billing. Users have multiple options to enter time card data into Avionté and can use a combination of the available methods rather than having to choose just one. This flexibility provides options for your customers and users. This course will explain the standard time entry process. Subsequent courses will cover other time entry methods such as Web Time and Time Clocks. The learner will work at their own pace through this interactive course. Completion time is approximately .5 hour.

Payroll Processing
After a Time Entry batch is closed, the transactions from the batch will be available for payroll and billing. This course covers all things payroll, including the process to produce checks and paycheck corrections. Back Office Basics and Time Entry are prerequisites. The user will work at their own pace through this interactive course. Completion time is approximately .5 hour.

Billing Process
After a Time Entry batch is closed, its transactions are available in the Payroll and Billing sections. The Billing section of Avionté allows users to create invoices for customers and send them off via email or mail. This course walks through the process of creating invoices, correcting invoices, and corresponding reporting to audit your work. Back Office Basics and Time Entry are prerequisites. The user will work at their own pace through this interactive course. Completion time is approximately .5 hour.

Accounts Receivable
After sending invoices to customers, Avionté allows users to record payments for the invoices in the Accounts Receivable (AR) section. AR acts as a hub for customer invoice activity, allowing users to apply payments to invoices, generate Statement Letters, and review customers' Aging Reports. This course teaches users to record payments, run reports, and create invoices in AR. Back Office Basics and Billing Process are prerequisites. The user will work at their own pace through this interactive course. Completion time is approximately .5 hour.


Admin Tools

Admin Tools – Employee and System Video
Learn all of the things that you, as an Admin User, can do in Avionté. In this course you will cover Admin Tools and take a closer look into what can be accomplished in this advanced section of Avionté. You must have Admin permissions. Approximately 2 hours.


Web Modules

Modules Overview Video
Are you looking for a mobile solution to some of your front office needs? Join us to learn all about this new mobile friendly side of Avionté. Learn why the Recruiter Module, Job Board Module and/or Talent Module is a necessary part of the Avionté Web Platform and how each of the modules function. You will also learn basic navigation, searching functionality and much more inside of the Recruiter Module, as well as how the Job Board Module and Talent Module are connected. Approximately 1.5 hours.

Paperless Mobile Onboarding Interactive Course
Avionté's Recruiter and Talent modules allow your company to create an onboarding workflow that is seamless, painless, and paperless! Learn how to use Talent Tasks to take talent from applicants to active employees. Interactive course, work at your own pace. Approximately .5 hour.


ACA Interactive Courses

ACA 101 - Companion Application Setup
This interactive course walks users through the setup of the ACA Companion Application. The configuration covered in this course is required in order to activate the ACA tracking features in Avionté and properly record coverage information needed to produce 1095-Cs at the end of the year. Interactive course, work at your own pace. Approximately .5 hour.

ACA 102 - Tracking & Reporting
This interactive course covers the daily tracking process users should follow for proper reporting at the end of the year. The course will also explain the logic behind the 1095-C reports and how to file 1095-Cs and 1094-Cs with the IRS. Interactive course, work at your own pace. Approximately .5 hour.


Elective Interactive Courses

Avionté General Ledger
The General Ledger (GL) in Avionté is an export process used to push Avionté Back Office data to your accounting software. This interactive course is designed to assist users in understanding the purpose, setup, and process of the General Ledger in Avionté. Once the GL has been configured, the GL data produced by Avionté can be mapped and exported to a third-party accounting system to help you balance your books and run your business. Work at your own pace. Approximately .5 hour.

Quarterly Tax Filing
Taxes can be complicated, but filing them doesn't have to be! This interactive course covers the quarter-end process using Avionté & Greenshades. We will walk you through everything from setup and configuration, creating the feed from Avionté to Greenshades, building your quarterly returns, and even creating your year-end forms if needed. Work at your own pace. Approximately .5 hour.


Elective Videos

Portals 101
Using Avionté portals can help to streamline your processes. From the applications process, to onboarding, to time entry, things can be made simpler. In this course you will learn about the Applicant, Employee, Customer, and Admin Portals and what they can do for your company. Approximately 2 hours.

Reports 101 – Reports and Advanced Search
Take this course to learn more about reports and AQs in Avionté. You will see the differences between reports and AQs, and even walk through a few reports. Specifically Staffing Action Report & AQ, Comprehensive AQs, Active Assignments, Accrued Hours Report & AQ, Revenue Opportunity AQ, Follow Up Report, Check Register & Invoice Register, Processed Transaction AQ, AR Aging, and Gross Profit. After walking through those reports, you will learn the basics of Advanced Search and how to best use its functionality. Approximately .75 hour.

Worker’s Comp and Unemployment 101
This course will cover the basics of Worker’s Compensation and Unemployment. Learn about how these sections of Avionté keep record of this information. You will learn how to add new records as well as search for existing records and dive into the sub-menu items you will find in each section. Approximately .5 hour.




Avionté University Learner Portal

Learner Enrollment

Please open Avionté University in a Chrome browser to enjoy the full features of the interactive courses.

  1. Navigate to The Login/Sign Up page is displayed.

  2. To create your learner account click the Sign Up button. (In the future you will enter the username and password that you created and click Login)
  3. Enter the Key Name provided by your administrator, this key should NOT be used more than once per user as it will create a duplicate account.

  4. Click Sign Up.
    The Enrollment Form (shown below) is displayed.

  5. Type your First Name and Last Name into the respective text fields.
  6. Be sure to add an active email address. This is the email address that will be used to send reset password information if necessary.
  7. Create a password with a minimum of six characters.
  8. Re-enter your password. (Make a note of your Username and Password for future logins)
  9. Click the Sign Up button.

    Congratulations, you have created a learner account and enrolled in the Avionté University courses.

Please do NOT use the Enrollment Key a second time as this will create a duplicate learner account. Going forward you will use the credentials that were just created to log in to Avionté University.




Learner Log In

Please open Avionté University in a Chrome browser to enjoy the full features of the interactive courses.

  1. Navigate to The access page is displayed.
  2. Enter the Username and Password that you created when enrolling.

  3. Click the Login button. Do NOT click the Sign Up button as this will prompt you for the Enrollment Key.
  4. You may begin your courses. If interrupted, you will be able to return to this page, log in, and continue the courses.




Forgot Password

Administrators are not able to view or reset passwords. Learners who have forgotten their password should click the Forgot Password? link on the Login screen and follow the emailed instructions.

If no reset password email is received from Absorb, the account may have an invalid email, or no email, attached. It is also possible that the account has been removed for non use during the past 30 days.

If a user is unable to login or reset their password, a support center ticket should be created for the training team with the request to set a temporary password.




Using Avionté University

The Avionté University Home page features a dashboard containing frequently used elements as well as a menu in the upper-right containing in-depth elements. Some elements are found on the dashboard and the menu.

  1. To begin your study select Courses from the menu or the dashboard.
    Seven programs are available. You may have access to one, or all of the programs – depending on your role. The programs are numbered 1 – 7 and the number located at the far right of each program tells you the number of courses included within that program for a grand total of 22 courses.
  2. Select the Open button of one of the courses. This launches the My Classes Page.
    We suggest beginning with the Avionté Introduction course and working your way down the list.
  3. Select the Launch button from the first class listed.
  4. Continue through all of the classes and the quiz for this course. An 80% is a passing score.
  5. Continue with the next of your enrolled courses.


The table below the image defines each of the elements and common usage.




Element Location Description


Menu &


The Dashboard - which is also an option on the menu in the upper-right - features quick access to frequently used university elements like courses and messages.

Menu &


The Courses option - aka "My Courses" - accesses interactive content or "tests" specific to the logged-in user. The My Courses page displays a set of courses chosen from the catalog (described below).


A search field can be used to narrow results, folder or list views are available, and completed courses can be hidden with the Show Completed toggle.



Menu &


The Catalog option provides all courses available in the Avionté University. Logged-in, unique users select courses from the catalog and the courses become available in My Courses (described above).

Like the My Courses feature above, Catalog has a search field that can be used to narrow results, folder or list views to adjust content display, and a Show Enrolled toggle to filter courses.



Menu &


Resources contains the actual educational content that learners read or watch before completing a course. Documents and videos can be searched then downloaded to the user's PC.




The Calendar option provides a view of live scheduled events (e.g. webinars.)


Transcript Menu

The Transcript area stores earned certificates that can be opened as a PDF then sent, printed, etc. Any courses that have an associated certificate are featured here along with a status of the course.


Edit Profile Menu

Account information such as name, password, and contact email address can be adjusted in the Edit Profile area.


Logout Menu The Logout option immediately logs the user out of the system, prompting the Login page to display for a user to log back in.
Resume Dashboard

The Resume section enables a user to quickly return where they left off in a course.

Click the Resume area on the Dashboard...

ResumeDashboard.png access the listed course's area - in this case, Front Office 101.


Message Board Dashboard

The Message Board section features a summary view of messages on the Dashboard and an in-depth view when clicked. Users may delete singular or multiple messages from the in-depth view.



Find a Course Dashboard

The Find a Course corner of the Dashboard features a search field that scans courses in Avionté University.

Enter a search term in the field and click the magnifying glass.



A search will generate results in a subsequent landing page.








I Can't Log In

Try the Forgot Password? link to reset your password. If no reset password email is received from Absorb, the account may have an invalid email address, or no email address attached. It is also possible that the account has been removed for non use during the past 30 days.

If a user is unable to login or reset their password, a support center ticket should be created for the training team with the request to set a temporary password.




Course Does Not Load (Screen is White)

Some of our earliest courses were created in Captivate. If your attempt to load a course results in just a white screen - you are probably trying to view one of these earlier courses. Scripts and Flash must be enabled.

When using the Chrome Browser

  1. In the upper right of your Chrome browser you will see a small icon. Other browsers will display something similar.

  2. Click the icon and a second message appears.

  3. Select the Load scripts link.
  4. You will be asked to allow Flash to run. Click the Allow button.


The course created using the Captivate tools will load onto the screen.


When using Safari on a Mac

  1. While in Safari click the Safari tab > Preferences > Websites.
  2. Click on the Adobe Flash Player Plug-in.
  3. Set the option next to "" to On.


If you do not see Adobe Flash Player listed under Plug-ins then it needs to be downloaded.




Error Loading Player


The error message "Error loading player: No playable sources found" can be resolved with an update to the computer's Flash player. Visit to update.




Invalid License Key


The error message "Error setting up player: Invalid license key" can be resolved by clearing the browser's cache.



Clear Cache - Chrome

  1. In Chrome's browser toolbar, click More.
  2. Click History.
  3. Click Clear browsing data.
  4. Under "Clear browsing data," select the check boxes for Cookies and site data and Cached images and files.
  5. Use the menu at the top to select the amount of data that you want to delete.
  6. Click Clear browsing data.



Clear Cache - Internet Explorer (IE is not recommended)

IE 10 or 11
  1. In Internet Explorer, select the Tools button
  2. Point to Safety
  3. Select Delete browsing history.
  4. Choose the types of data or files you want to remove from your PC, and then select Delete.
IE 9
  1. In Internet Explorer, select the Tools button
  2. Select Internet options.
  3. Under Browsing history, select Delete.
IE 8
  1. In Internet Explorer, select the Safety menu
  2. Select Delete Browsing History.
  3. Choose the types of data and files you want to remove from your PC
  4. Select Delete.



Clear Cache - Firefox

  1. Click the Menu button
  2. Choose Options.
  3. Select the Advanced panel.
  4. Click on the Network tab.
  5. In the Cached Web Content section, click Clear Now.
  6. Close the about:preferences page. Any changes you've made will automatically be saved.





Site Support & Content Creation

The Avionté University site is hosted by Absorb, a third-party software provider. Content is created and uploaded to the site by the Avionté Training Department. Support center tickets should be directed to training.


Note: Avionté University accounts that have not been in use for 30 days or more may be removed without notice. Should this occur, contact your Strategic Account Executive to review your subscription and have a new account created.


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