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Recruiter Module - Targeting Audiences Through a Job Posting

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Recruiter - Job Posting


As a recruiter I am often faced with seeking out talent that is hard to find.  When posting jobs, I want to make certain my postings are tailored to the correct target audience.


Application Use
  1. Access the Recruiter Module via any device and click on the Posting vertical.

  2. Search for the Direct Hire (DH) or Temporary Order you want to post about.

  3. Click the “Create posting” button and personalize your Job Posting accordingly by entering a Job Title to Post, Job Category, Job Type, Location, Pay Range to Display on Job Board, Summary and Description Text for Job.

  4. Once personalized, select the appropriate Job Board(s) to post the job to.

  5. Additional Postings can be created by selecting the plus (+) button next to the first Post. By creating more than one Posting for the same Job Order, you can personalize the message to target the proper audiences. You can also select which Job Boards you want to post to, ensuring you reach the right audience.


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