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Standard Report - 940 Schedule A Template

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Report Description

A 940 Schedule A form must be filled out in every state in which an employer has paid Unemployment Tax for that tax year. This report makes filing end of year 940 tax documentation easy.







Parameter Name




List of Year or Year followed by | and Staffing Company (if Supplier property GenerateSeparateGSXMLFile

Is set to True)

Shows the Year and the staffing company from the Config Year (Admin>Employer>Config Year). The year shown is of this year or prior year. The year is shown only if there is Q4 quarter in the Config Year Supplier Quarter.





Report Fields

Field Name


Staffing Supplier Code

Staffing supplier full name

Employer identification number (EIN)

Staffing supplier FEIN

Postal Abbreviation

Shows “X” (if there is data for the state in the table GS_Company940SutaState for the year chosen in parameter) followed by Postal Abbreviation


FUTA Taxable Wages

Shows FUTATaxableWages From the GS_Company940SutaState table

Reduction Rate

Shows hardcoded Reduction Rate

Credit Reduction

Shows ReductionAmount from GS_Company940SutaState table




Greenshades Data

Customers using Greenshades to process taxes should visit to obtain quarterly tax data needed for the 940 form. 

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