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Standard Report - Certified Payroll

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Report Description

This report is used as review of certified payroll records. Certified Payroll records are required to be submitted by contractors on a weekly basis on all contracts. This report will only list the records for Customers listed in Certified Payroll.


Customer > Sales & Service > Service Info tab > Is Certified Payroll = True


Certified Payroll shows detailed Reg and OT Hours for each day of the Working week. It also shows the Gross and Net amount earned by an Employee and also shows detailed deductions included in Net Pay.








Parameter Name




All available branches




Filters results by Employee

Date Type

Accounting Period Date, Week End Date

Transaction Accounting Period Date or Week Worked



Select Accounting Period Date or Week End Date

Project Name


Filters results by Project Name [Customer Extra>> Project Name copied onto Transaction Extra]

Payroll Number


Enter the payroll number that you wish to appear on the report.

Fringe Benefits - Paying Cash in Lieu?

Yes, No, Not Applicable

  • If No, the system will use the System Name "FringeReg" and "FringeOT" to find the transaction types and generate in the box below if the transactions have fringe Reg and OT rates. For OT, it will sum the OT rate and FringeOT rate. For the Standard lines, it will generate the Reg rate in the box and generate FringeOT rate behind it. Also, box 4(b) will be checked on the report
  • If Yes is selected, don't need to look for fringe transaction types. Then on the report, box 4(a) will be checked on the report
  • If Not Applicable is selected no change will be made to the report





Report Fields

Field Name


Page 1


Contractor check box

By default unchecked

Subcontractor check box

By default checked

Name of Subcontractor

Staffing Company of Check received by employee

For Week Ending

Transaction Week Worked Date


Full Address of Staffing Company of Check


By default '1235-0008' 


By Default '02/28/2018'

Project and Location

Displays Project Name and Customer Worksite Address

Order ID

Order ID of Staffing order linked to Transaction

Project or Contract No.

First pull from PO management Pull from Transaction Snapshot

If null then pull from PO Number Extra - this needs to be added if null, pull from Transaction Extra>PO Number. Please check if they have copied to transaction true for this or not.

If that is still null pull from Project Number from extra as it is pulling now. if still null, pull from transaction extra>Project Number.

Name of Individual

Employee Name

No of Withholdings Exemptions

Exemptions for Federal Tax from Employee Tax setup

Work Classification

Job Title from Order

Day and Date

There are 7 columns, one for each day that shows Reg and OT hours worked by an individual in a week.

Column header for these 7 columns will change dynamically according to the Date selected in the parameter.

Date and First letter of Week Day name is shown in header.

For eg. If Week Worked = 9/3/2016 is selected, then header will be as:

S28 | M29 | T30 |  W31 | T1 | F2 | S3


This row will show daily OT Hours


This row will show daily Reg (straight) hours

Total Hours

Total OT Hours in O row and Total Reg Hours in S row

Rate of Pay

(Reg Pay Rate + Fringe Pay Rate ) for S row ; OT Pay Rate  from transaction

Gross Amount Earned

Top Row: Gross Wage from Transaction

Bottom Row: Gross Amount from Check


In Deductions, there are 6 columns:

FICA = Total FICA tax deducted in check

Withholding Tax = Total Federal Tax in check

Med = Total Medicare tax in check

State = Total State tax in check

Other = Total Deduction amount in check

Total Deductions

FICA + Withholding Tax + Med + State + Other

Net Wages paid for Week

Net amount from check



Page 2



Report Run Date

Name of Signature Party

Supplier property: CertifiedPayroll_UserName


Supplier property: CertifiedPayroll_Title

Employed by…

Staffing Company Name

On the…

Customer Name

Commencing on the…

First and Last Day of the week

On behalf of said…

Staffing Company Name

Name and Title

Name: User Name of User who ran the report

Title: By default PayrollAdmin





Required Setup

  • Project Number: Project Number choice code should be set up under Customer Extra
    • Category = CustomerOrderExtra
    • SystemName = ProjectNumber


  • InvoiceExtra1: This choice code has been used to pull PO Number from Transaction Extra
    • Category = CustomerOrderExtra
    • SystemName = InvoiceExtra1


  • Project Name: Project Number choice code should be set up under Customer Extra
    • Category = CustomerOrderExtra
    • SystemName = ProjectName


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