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Standard Report - Taxes Summary Lite

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Report Description

This is a lite version of Taxes Summary Report. The purpose is provide Tax details for a Company.






Parameter Name




All available Branches

Filter for check Branch

Date Type

Accounting Period Date, Check Date

Paycheck Accounting Period Date or Invoice Date

Start Date



End Date



Show Local Taxes

True / False






Report Fields

Field Name


Staffing Company

Paycheck Supplier


FEIN of check Supplier

Tax State

State name of State on which tax is implied

Resident Tax

Resident Tax name: Resident Tax value is shown after Tax State as Group header. if there are no Resident Tax setup, then this row will be blank.

Tax Name

Tax Name

Gross Wages

Total Gross Wages earned by Employee in range

Subject Wages

Total Wages Subjected on which Tax is applicable in range

Taxable Wages

Total Wages in which actual Tax is calculated in range

Tax Amount

Total Tax amount deducted in range





Special Logic

  1. The page is separated per Supplier
  2. There are two Summary Boxes; Supplier Total and Report Total.
    1. Total shows Total amount under different Tax names for Supplier.
    2. Repot Total shows Total amount under different Tax names for whole report

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