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Standard Report - Check Register

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Report Description

This report shows paycheck information for all employees. It gives a great snapshot of payroll and can be useful when tying out payroll and billing.




Parameter Name



Date Type

Check Date, Accounting Period Date

Payment Check’s Check Date and Accounting Period Date



Filters results by Employee’s SSN

Start Date



End Date




All available branches


Employee Type

All, W2, 1099


Customer Name



Customer ID



Sort By

Employee Name, Check Date

Sorts the report either by Employee Name or Check Date



  • Customer Name and Customer ID will just filter Paychecks but in case a paycheck has transactions associated with multiple customers, The entire paycheck will appear if we run the report for each individual customer.
  • If you prefer not to display full Account and Routing number of employees. Please add a new Supplier Property "BankInfoInReport" with the number of characters to display. If you enter 4, the report will display both Account and Routing number as ####XXXX.


Report Fields

Field Name



Paycheck’s Branch

Employee Name

Employee Name of Paycheck

Check #

Check Number of Paycheck

Check Date

Check Date of Paycheck

Gross Amount

Sum of Total Gross Amount and Agency Pay amount of Paycheck

Total Taxes

Total amount of taxes of Paycheck

Total Deductions

Total Amount of deduction of Paycheck

Net Check

Total net amount of Paycheck

Is DD?

If check is Direct Deposit then displays Y, if not then N


Transaction Section


Displays Transaction Type like Reg, OT, DT, etc.


Total Pay Unit


Total Pay Rate

Total Pay

Sum of Total Item Pay


Tax Section

Tax Name

Displays name of the tax

Taxable Gross

Total amount on which taxes are applicable

Tax Amount

Total amount  of Tax


Deduction Section

Deduction Type

Displays Deduction Types like Dental, Medical, etc.


Total amount that is deducted


Benefit Section


Displays Benefit Types like 401K, Health Care Plan, etc.


Total amount of Benefit

YTD Benefit

Total amount of Benefit since the first day of the year till date, Year to Date

Bank Section

Bank Name

Employee Bank Name

Acc Type

Employee Bank Account Type.

Routing #

Employee Bank's Routing Number

Account #

Employee Bank's Account Number


Direct Deposit Amount

 Accrual Section


Displays Accrual Plans like PTO, Vacation Plan, etc.

Accrual Units

Total hours that is accrued


Previous Balance + Accrued Unit – Deplete Unit

Depleted Units

Total hours that is depleted



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