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Standard Report - Employee Online Applicant

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Report Description

Log of an online applicant’s clicks, application status, and acknowledgements






Parameter Name



Start Date


Filters employee date entered

End Date


Filters employee date entered


All available branches

Filters employee branch

Applicant Status


Complete looks at employees that have submitted after applicant acknowledgement page

Applicant Name


Filters employee name




Report Fields

Field Name


Employee Name

Employee Name


Branch of Employee

Applicant Status

Employee Status

Employee ID

Employee ID

Any Past Job

Shows ‘No’ if past job filled from applicant portal else shows ‘Yes’

Date Entered

Entered Date of employee

Any Education

Shows ‘No’ if past job filled from applicant portal else shows ‘Yes’

Any Conviction Value

Shows the value of conviction entered through the applicant portal

Acknowledgement Value

Shows ‘No’ if applicant acknowledgement is entered through applicant portal else shows ‘Yes’

Applicant Submit Date

Submission date from applicant portal

Web Log: Log Type

Shows log type from Web User Log eg. New Login

Log Date Time

Shows the log date from Web User Log


Shows notes from Web User Log eg. Shows what was done by the web user


Shows the value from supplier property Web_Acknowledgement




Required Setup

Supplier property Web_Acknowledgement should be set up for the field acknowledgement.


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