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Standard Report - Time Entry Sheet View

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 Report Description

Shows all time entry in sheet view. This report is useful to see the total number of hours an employee worked and some details about their pay and bill rates grouped by customer.






Parameter Name




All available branches

Transaction’s Branch

Time Entry Batch ID


Filters results by Time Entry Batch ID.

Time Entered/Unentered

Both, Entered Only, Unentered Only

Filters results based upon the Option selected.

Transaction Type

All choice codes present in ConfigTransactionType having IsTransactional  set to True.

Filters results by Pay Code selected.

Start Date



End Date



Order Type

All Temp & DH Order types

Filters results based upon the Order Type selected.

Date Type

Accounting Period Date, Week Worked Date

Transaction’s Accounting Period or Week Worked.

Customer Name


Filters results by Customer Name.

Group By Batch ID

True, False

When True, then groups the data by Batch ID too





Report Fields

Field Name


W/E Date

Transaction’s week worked date.


Transaction’s Branch.

Batch ID

Batch ID from transaction.

Visible only when Group By Batch ID = True.


Customer name from transaction.


Department name from transaction.

Employee Name

Employee name from transaction.


Employee’s phone number.

Job Title

Employee’s job title associated with transaction.


Pay code from Transaction

Pay Unit

Pay Unit from Transaction

Bill Unit

Bill Unit from Transaction

Pay Rate

Pay Rate from Transaction

Bill Rate

Bill Rate from Transaction

Item Pay

Item Pay from transaction

Item Bill

Item Bill from transaction

Start Date

Start Date of Active assignment associated with transaction.

End Date

End Date of Active assignment associated with transaction.

Paid Date

Latest check date of Employee associated with transaction. (Helps to know when was employee paid recently)



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