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Standard Report - Unapplied Cash

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Report Description

This report shows all unapplied cash. This report is a great resource for cross-checking accounts receivable and ensuring that all received payments have been applied to the corresponding invoices.





Parameter Name




All available Suppliers

Filter for Staffing Order Branch

Customer Name


Filter for Customer Name

As of Date


Select a date to calculate Payments and Balance till this date

Group BY

Branch, Root Customer

Group report data by Branch or Root Customer




Report Fields




Staffing Company Name from Invoice


Invoice Branch; only visible as Group Header when Group By = Branch

Root Customer Name

Root Customer for Invoice to Customer;  only visible as Group Header when Group By = Root Customer [Complementary for Branch]

Customer Name

Invoice To Customer Name

Department Name

Department Name of Invoice To Customer

Unapplied Cash No

Invoice Number of Unapplied Cash (UC) invoice

Entered Date

Invoice Date of UC Invoice

Original Unapplied Cash Amt.

Original Invoice Amount of UC Invoice

Payment Amt.

Total Payments made on other Invoices by UC Invoice

Balance Amt.

Invoice Amount – Payment Amount + Finance Charge Amount


Following fields are visible under UC invoice detail only if UC invoice has been used to pay for any other Invoice

Invoice Number

Invoice Number of Invoice for which UC amount has been used

Posted Date

AR Batch Payment Posted Date

Payment Amount

Payment made to individual invoice using UC Invoice




Special Logic

Report includes all the invoices with Negative Balance Amount as Unapplied Cash (UC) Invoice.













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