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Standard AQ - Staffing Action

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Report Description

This AQ displays staffing messages. 







Parameter Name




All available branches

User Branch

Date Type

EnteredDate, StartDate, EndDate


Start Date



End Date



Entered By

All available message entered by a user

Filters result by user name who entered message.

Is Complete

All, Complete, Non Complete

Filter by the complete or non complete message.

Action Type

All available action type


Customer Name


Filters result by customer name.





Report Fields

Field Name


Staffing Company

Supplier company from supplier

Branch Name

Supplier branch

Action Type

Message action type from message (e.g. Cold Call, Email, FollowUp, Meeting etc.)

Message Type

Message type from message (e.g. Task, Appointment etc.)


Message subject from message.




Pull Orginal Start Date if parameter Date Type =’EnteredDate’, StartDate if parameter Date Type =’StartDate’ and Endate if parameter Date Type =’EndDate’ from message. The date is between parameter StartDate and EndDate.

Entered By User

Username from message.

Employee Name

Name of employee message send. For Message Action origin=’Employee’

Customer Name

Name of customer message send. For Message Action origin =Customer’

Contact Name

Name of contact message send. For Message Action origin=’Contact’

Link Users

Users name who are linked with the particular message.

Is Complete

Check for IsComplete =1 for complete message and uncheck for IsComplete=0 for not complete message.

Order ID

OrderId for message send to Order, Pull order ID having Message Action origin=’Order_Dh’ , having Message Action origin=’Order_Temp.’

Assignment ID

Assignment ID for message send to Assignment. Pull Assignment ID having Message Action origin=’Assignment’

Agency Name

Name of Agency for message send to Agency. Pull Agency Name having Message Action origin=Agency

WC Claim ID

WcClaim  ID for message send to WcClaim. Pull WcClaim ID having Message Action origin= WcClaim’.

Unemployment ID

Unemployment  ID for message send to Unemployment  . Pull Unemployment  ID having Message Action origin= Unemployment  .




Required Setup

  • Staffing message report


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