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Application Workflow - Education

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Application Support Series: 
Completing a Job Application
This documentation is for applicants who are applying for a job. Education is one of the screens that is included in a job application. To see additional job application related help articles, follow the links below: 

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The Education section of the application process collects your education history. This page allows you to enter your education history manually. It also gives you the chance to review any education history imported from your resume if one was uploaded as part of the application process.




When you have finished entering your education history, click Next to move on to the next stage in the application process.



Review Education History Imported from Resume

If you uploaded your resume as part of the application process, you may already see entries in the education history. It is recommended that you review this information to make sure that it is accurate.


See the Edit Education History section below for information.




Add Education History




  1. Select the Degree or Diploma type from the Degree/diploma drop-down menu.


  2. In the Specialization field, enter any applicable specialization for the degree/diploma.


  3. In the Institution field, enter the name of the institution that awarded you the degree/diploma.


  4. Enter your graduation date by selecting the month and year from the drop-down menus under Graduation Date.



To add a new entry to your education history, select Add more.



Edit Education History

The education entries on this page can be edited at any time by selecting new items from the drop-down menus or changing the text in the text fields.



Delete Education History

Education entries can be removed from this list by selecting the grayx_edu.png at the end of the row.


Selecting the grayx_edu.png when only one group of fields exists in the list will clear all information, but the group of fields will remain.




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