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Admin - Application Workflows Support Series: 
Creating an Application Workflow
This documentation is for Admins who create and configure application workflows. Professional Experience is one of the screens that can be included in a job application. For an overview of application workflow sections, see the Admin - Application Workflows - Workflow Sections article. To see additional Admin - Application Workflow related help articles, follow the links below: 

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Welcome: Prescreen

Welcome: Account create

Personal info

Personal info: Resume


Professional experience





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General Information

There are no additional items that need to be configured for this workflow section. Because there are no additional items that need to be configured, the section to the right of the application workflow, normally reserved for further configuration options, will be blank.

The Current Job checkbox in the applicant facing workflow is not visible or searchable in the Avionté core application. 


For more information on the applicant experience for this workflow section, see the Application Workflow - Professional Experience article.



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