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Admin - Application Workflows - WOTC

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Admin - Application Workflows Support Series: 
Creating an Application Workflow
This documentation is for Admins who create and configure application workflows. WOTC is one of the screens that can be included in a job application. For an overview of application workflow sections, see the Admin - Application Workflows - Workflow Sections article. To see additional Admin - Application Workflow related help articles, follow the links below: 

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General Information 

The Work Opportunity Tax Credit or WOTC ("wot-see") workflow section contains the integration with ADP or Equifax to check employee eligibility for tax credits. Tax credits are provided to companies hiring individuals from certain target groups who have consistently faced significant barriers to employment. 
When an applicant reaches this step in the application workflow, the applicant will be prompted to provide information that is needed to fill out the 88509 Tax credit form. Once the applicant has entered this information, the integration with ADP or Equifax will automatically determine if the employee is eligible for federal tax credits and update the employee's record in Avionté.

For more information on the applicant experience for this workflow section, see the Application Workflow - WOTC article.



Before utilizing the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) integration, ensure that a license has been added and the integration is correctly configured.



WOTC Integration License

The WOTC workflow item requires a license in order to use the integration and add the WOTC section to an application workflow. To set up a license, contact your Strategic Account Executive (SAE). 

Until a license is set up, this workflow section will appear inactive and cannot be added to the workflow. When a license is set up, this workflow section will become active and can be added. If the license is deactivated, the WOTC step will not appear in any existing application workflows if it had previously been enabled, and WOTC data will not be collected.


Configure the WOTC Integration in the Avionté Core Application

Ensure that the the WOTC integration is correctly configured in the Avionté core application. See the ADP WOTC Integration - WOTC Setup (15.2 or newer) section instructions on the setup process.

When the WOTC integration is added to an application workflow, this workflow section will be available for all branches, however branch settings can override employer-level configurations. If no configuration is found for the employer, an error will display and the applicant can proceed with the application.

The Next button in the application workflow is contingent on the "WOTCRequired"checkbox in the ADP config. If the "WOTCRequired" checkbox is checked, the Next button in the application workflow will be disabled until the applicant completes the survey.


Adding the WOTC Integration to an Application Workflow

Once the WOTC workflow section has been added to a workflow, there is no further configuration. Because there are no additional items that need to be configured, the section to the right of the application workflow, normally reserved for further configuration options, will be blank. 



WOTC Status Results
After an applicant completes the WOTC survey in the WOTC workflow section, the corresponding employee record will update the Tax Credit Status based on the response from ADP. The applicant's tax credit status is visible in through the Recruiter Module under the applicant's Talent profile in the General Information section. This information appears next to the Tax credit status field.

The employee's status will also update in the Avionté core application along with a "View Forms" link if the employee has either a "Qualified" or "Pre-Qualified" status, signifying that the employee is in a group that could qualify for tax credits. If this is the case, the employee may be required to fill out additional paperwork to verify the status.

The "View Forms" link is ONLY available in the Avionté core application at the first assignment. 

If the applicant was unable to complete the survey or encountered an error, the WOTC survey will need to be taken at another time. 

For more information on how WOTC integrates with the core application, see the ADP WOTC Integration article.



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