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Admin - Application Workflows - Competencies

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Admin - Application Workflows Support Series: 
Creating an Application Workflow
This documentation is for Admins who create and configure application workflows. Competencies is one of the screens that can be included in a job application. For an overview of application workflow sections, see the Admin - Application Workflows - Workflow Sections article. To see additional Admin - Application Workflow related help articles, follow the links below: 

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General Information

The Competencies section of the application workflow can be activated by the Aero Admin user to allow the applicant the opportunity to add skills to their application. The applicant is also able to view, edit, and remove competencies that were added to the application by the resume parser.

The list of competencies available to applicants in this workflow section is made up of all skill codes in ConfigSkillCode and are set as web visible for the applicant’s branch. Skill codes can be added, edited, or deleted in the Avionté core application. See Admin Tools: Skill Code for more information.

Recruiter Module and Core Application users are able to view applicant skills and competencies on both platforms.



Add Competencies Workflow Section to the Application Workflow




Select 02__1_.png to add the Competencies section to the application workflow. The Competencies properties will display.





Set a Minimum Number of Competencies

An application workflow can be configured with a minimum number of competencies.


  1. Enter the minimum number in the Min. competencies required field.

  2. Select Save properties.



The applicant will see a live count of the number of required competencies remaining on the screen.



As competencies are added or removed, this number will update on-screen to reflect the current number of competencies needed to meet the requirement.

Note: If the number entered here is greater than the number of skill codes available for an applicant's branch, the number will be ignored, no competencies will be required, and the applicant will not see the count of required competencies remaining.



View and Edit Applicant Competencies and Skills

Recruiter Module and Core Application users can view the applicant skills and competencies on both platforms. Competencies added by parsing a resume are only visible in the Recruiter Module. Applicant skills can only be edited from within the Core Application.


Platform Skill / Competency Source Location of Applicant Competencies
Core Application Manually added by applicant Employee > Skill (Editable)
Recruiter Module Manually added by applicant Talent > Qualifications > Avionté Skill Codes (Read-only)
Recruiter Module Resume Parse Talent > Qualifications > Competencies



View Skills in the Avionté Core Application

  1. Navigate to Employee.

  2. Perform a search for the applicant.

  3. Double-click the applicant’s name in the search results.

  4. Click the Skills sub-menu item.



Edit Skills in the Avionté Core Application

  1. Navigate to Employee.

  2. Perform a search for the applicant.

  3. Double-click the applicant’s name in the search results.

  4. Click Skills.

  5. Locate the skill code and make the desired changes.

  6. Press the Tab key to save the change.




View Competencies and Skills in the Recruiter Module



  1. Select Talent tab to navigate to the Talent section.

  2. In the Search field, enter the name of the applicant and select 12.png.

  3. Locate the applicant in the search results and select the Qualifications QuickView.


  4. The employee competencies are displayed in the QuickView pane under the Competencies and Avionté skill codes (read only) sections.




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