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Talent Module: Recover Username and Reset Password

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Recover Forgotten Username

Reset Forgotten Password




This username and password help article explains how to use the sign-in screens in the Talent Module which is used by job applicants. For username and password help regarding the Recruiter module, visit the Avionté Web Platform Sign-In article. 



Recover Forgotten Username


  1. From the Sign in page, click the Forgot username? link.


    This will open the Forgot username page. 


  2. In the Email address field, enter the email address associated with the user account.

  3. Select Send email. This will open the Username Retrieved page.


    The system will send an email containing the username associated with that address.

  4. Select Return to sign in to return to the sign in page.



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Reset Forgotten Password

There are three steps to resetting a forgotten password:



Step 1. Request Verification Code

The first step in the process of regaining access is to request an email containing a verification code from the Avionté Web Platform system.


  1. From the Sign in page, click the Forgot password? link.


    This will open the Forgot password page.



  2. In the Username field, enter your username.

  3. Select Send email. The Verification code page will load, and the system will send a message to the email account associated with your username.  The verification code page will be displayed. 



Step 2. Enter Verification Code

Once the email containing the verification code has been received, there are two methods of entering the code into the system:


Method 1: Open Verification Code Hyperlink from Email

Use this method if the email program being used supports hyperlinks in email messages.


The email message sent by the system includes the verification code as a hyperlink in the body of the message.


  1. Open the message containing the verification code.

  2. Select the verification code link in the email. The Reset password page will open in a new browser tab.



Method 2: Manually Enter Verification Code

Use this method if the email program being used does not support hyperlinks in email messages.


  1. Open the message containing the verification code.

  2. Copy the verification code from the body of the message.

  3. Return to the Verification Code page in the web browser.



  4. Paste the code or manually enter the code into the Enter verification code here field.

  5. Select the Submit code button. The Reset password page will load.



Step 3. Create New Password



  1. Enter a new password in the Enter new password field following the guidelines described in the Password tips section of the page.

  2. Re-enter the password in the Re-enter new password to verify field.

  3. Select Reset password. If the new password is valid, the Password changed! page will load.

  4. Select Close. The Sign-in page will load in the current web browser window.



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