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Application Workflow - Competencies

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Application Support Series: 
Completing a Job Application
This documentation is for applicants who are applying for a job. Welcome is one of the screens that is included in a job application. To see additional job application related help articles, follow the links below: 

Welcome (General Information)

Welcome: Prescreen

Welcome: Account create

Personal info


Professional experience







The Competencies section is where you add skills and competencies to your application.  

If you uploaded a resume as part of your application, this section also allows you to review the skills that were detected when your resume was scanned




Review Skills and Competencies Added from Resume Scan


The skills added to your application by scanning your resume may not be accurate.  Review these skills to be sure they represent your actual experience and abilities.


Use Caution When Removing Skills and Competencies Added from Resume Scan


If a skill or competency added by the resume scan does not apply, remove it from your application.  See the Remove Skills and Competencies section below for more information.


However, use caution when removing skills. If you mistakenly remove a skill that DOES apply, you may not be able to add the deleted skills back to your application.  

The recruiter has made a list of skills associated with the job that is being applied for. Scanning a resume creates another list of skills associated with the your resume. Some skills in the your list may not appear in the recruiter's list. If you delete a skill from your application that doesn't appear in the recruiter's list, you won’t be able to add the skill back to your application.


Minimum number of Skills and Competencies

A recruiter may set a minimum required number of competencies for this application. This number appears as a counter on the screen. As competencies are added or removed, this counter will update to reflect the current number of competencies needed to meet the requirement.






Add Skills


  1. Select the Add competency field to place the cursor.


  2. Begin entering a competency. As text is entered, the system will attempt to auto-complete with a competency recognized by the system.



  3. Either continue entering the competency name or select the desired competency from the list.


  4. The competency will now appear in the collection of competencies to be submitted.


  5. Click Next to move to the next screen of the application or Back to return to the previous screen.




Remove Skills and Competencies

Click the 16.png on a competency in the current list to remove it.

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