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17.1 Release Notes

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Table of Contents

Release Process

Release Versioning


Planned Removal

Removed in this Release

Recently Removed

Operating System and Database Support Roadmap

Release Overview

New Development

Aero Platform


Share a Job Posting


Job Board Style Preview

Job Board Exit Redirect & Verification Code Email Address

Recover Username & Reset Password

Application Workflows

Welcome Section (Required)

Welcome: Prescreen Section

Welcome: Account Create Section

Personal Info Section

Personal Info: Resume Section

Education Section

Experience Section

Questionnaire Section

Competencies Section

WOTC Section

EEO Section

Submit Section (Required)

Confirmation Email to Applicant


Known Issues

Software Corrections













Release Process

Avionté continuously improves its products. These improvements are installed to existing application structure; each release is a set of improvements to the previous release. The release notes are organized in a separated manner per release and are not aggregated into one page.


For example, in the event a customer's application is upgraded from v15.2.7 to v17.1, changes between those releases will be available through multiple sets of release notes (from 15.2.7 up to and including 17.1 notes.)


Navigate to Support Center > General > Release Notes to view Avionté's available release notes. 

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Release Versioning


Changes are rolled forward so the patch number will reset to zero for each subsequent release (i.e. read as major release 15.2, patch 2, read as minor release 15.2.1).

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Generally, "deprecation" refers to something that is acknowledged but discouraged. A software deprecation is the removal process, or discouragement of use, of an application feature. An application feature may be deprecated because it has been replaced, doesn't work as expected, or its support requirements outweigh its benefit or use.


Avionté release notes provide a list of items scheduled for removal as well as a list of items recently removed. 

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Planned Removal

Web Portals

In upcoming releases, web portal functionality will gradually be replaced with functionality provided by the Aero platform.

Job Board

In an upcoming release, the currently used job board will be replaced with the new functionality  available in the Aero platform.

Config Option OverrideTxnGeoCodeBy

The config option OverrideTxnGeoCodeBy will be removed in an upcoming release. Due to advances in GeoCode settings in the application, the config option is no longer necessary. Unless a client has a customization dependent on this config option, there will be no effect on applications and there is no client action needed. 

SQL Server 2008 R2

The full-featured edition of Microsoft's SQL Server is being deprecated (planned for obsolescence) in this release and will be obsolete in the 17.2 release. All of its features are available in the SQL Server 2012 Enterprise Edition.

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Removed in this Release


The 17.1 release does not include the removal of any features.


It is notable that the aRefChex integration is temporarily unavailable in any Avionté version, but is planned for future re-integration.


It is also notable that SQL Server 2008 R2 is being deprecated (planned for obsolescence) in the 17.2 release. See more details in the Planned Removal table above.

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Recently Removed


No functionality has been removed in recent releases. 

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Operating System & Database Support Roadmap

The table below provides Avionté server and operating system availability according to the provider's published availability dates.


A yellow cell indicates the product will soon be unsupported. A red cell indicates the product is no longer supported beginning with that release. A green cell indicates the product will be supported beginning with that release. To illustrate, the SQL Server 2008 R2 product will no longer be supported with the Avionté 17.2 release; Windows Server 2016 will become supported with the release of Avionté 17.2.


Product Provider's
Avionté 15.2 Avionté 16.1 Avionté 16.2 Avionté 16.3 Avionté 17.1 Avionté 17.2
SQL Server 2008 R2 9/26/15 Supported Supported Supported Supported Deprecated Unsupported
SQL Server 2012 7/11/17 Supported Supported Supported Supported Supported Supported
SQL Server 2014 7/9/19 Supported Supported Supported Supported Supported Supported
SQL Server 2016 7/13/21         Supported Supported
Windows 7 4/9/13 Deprecated Unsupported        
Windows 8 1/12/16 Deprecated Unsupported        
Windows 8.1 1/9/18 Supported Supported Supported Supported Supported Supported
Windows 10 10/13/20 Supported Supported Supported Supported Supported Supported
Windows Server 2012 1/9/18 Supported Supported Supported Supported Supported Supported
Windows Server 2012 R2 1/9/18 Supported Supported Supported Supported Supported Supported
Windows Server 2016 1/11/22           Supported


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Release Overview

This Release Overview section provides a summary look at all of the features made available in this release. Each summary provides links that will auto-scroll down to more detailed release information which will in turn include links to the associated help articles.


Along with updates to the core application and the introduction of a new resume reference integration, Avionté version 17.1 releases the Aero platform to General Availability. 


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New Development

This section provides a summary look at all of the features made available in this release. Each summary provides links  to more detailed information in turn the associated help articles.



Aero Platform

The 17.1 release builds upon the Aero platform's solid foundation of data integrity by focusing on your specific business processes in the applicant's environment. Job boards may now be branded to your identity, application workflows can be customized to your job postings, and candidates can share every post with the world on their social networks. 


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With the new "Themes" section in the Aero platform, Admin users can brand sections of the Aero platform with their company logo and customized sets of web colors.




Accent and header colors can be adjusted with the use of a color palette or a text field that recognizes standard web color hexadecimal format then saved as a "themed" collection of characteristics. A maximum of five themes can be defined in the Aero platform.  


For instance, in the image below, the "Twitter" theme is comprised of a blue Base accent color, a gray Header bar color, etc. It can be used by other users quickly and repeatedly avoiding the need to re-create a color palette for each new job board. 




Themes - Related Content

Admin - Themes


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Share a Job Posting

Job postings may be shared via a URL or a branded icon to sites other than an Avionté job board. The standard list of share buttons include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Copy Link, Message, and Mail.





Share a Job Posting - Related Content

Job Board - Job Displayed on Job Board


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Messages /Activities

The "Messages" functionality takes the place of the "Activities" feature that exists in previous versions of the Aero platform. The Recruiter Module leverages messages to integrate logging and activity tracking with that in the Core Application. Messages can now be viewed, added, and edited in both the Core Application and the Recruiter Module. They are also included in the Staffing Action report and advanced query.


Adding Messages to the Recruiter Module is important for multiple reasons including the fact that the functionality generates metrics used to track activity, measure performance, and award bonuses.



Each message displays the name of the message creator and is stamped with the date it was created. Messages in the QuickView are sorted in reverse chronological order according to the message creation date.


When working with a message in the Message sections of the Core Application, one of three categories (“Messages”, “Appointments”, and “Tasks”) can be assigned to that message via the Make This drop-down menu. When viewing a message in the Recruiter Module, the message's category is displayed in the message header, alongside the activity type, when viewed in the Recruiter Module.


Messages created in the Core Application can be linked to other records in the system, but this functionality is limited in the Recruiter Module.  New messages logged in the Recruiter Module are created with the following record links:


Section Name

Default Record Link(s) in New Message

Talent Card

Employee Record

Order Card

Order Record, Customer Record

Candidate Card

Order Record, Employee Record

Company Card

Customer Record

Contact Card

Contact Record



General Activities/Messages Points

  • Messages logged in the Recruiter Module can be viewed and edited in the Core Application in the Log sub-menu item for the corresponding section.

  • Messages logged in the Core Application can be viewed and edited in the Recruiter Module in the Messages QuickView for the corresponding section.

  • “Message”, “Appointment”, and “Task” message types created in the Core Application can be viewed in the Messages QuickView.  Messages created in the Recruiter Module are limited to the “Message” message type.

  • Messages created in the Recruiter Module are also now included in the output of the Staffing Action standard report and Advanced Query.

  • Records linked to a message are presented in the Messages QuickView as hyperlinks that open the linked record in a new browser tab when clicked.

  • Status changes performed in Recruiter Module are no longer displayed in the Messages QuickView and are now viewable in the Core Application under the Log report for each entity.

  • Activity Content is no longer available for users of 17.1.

  • aRefChex status changes can now be viewed in the Core Application in Employee > Messages.

  • aRefChex is now the only source of system generated messages.


Note: It is not possible to link a message to any other records via the Recruiter Module.



Messages/Activities - Related Content

Candidate Card QuickViews in Avionté17.1 and Newer

Company Card QuickViews in Avionté 17.1 and Newer

Contact Card QuickViews in Avionté 17.1 and Newer

Order Card QuickViews in Avionté 17.1 and Newer

Talent Card QuickViews in Avionté 17.1 and Newer


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Job Board Style Preview

When selecting colors for job boards, the application now features a preview window next to the color palette. As a color is selected for a job board element, the color is automatically applied to the preview. Click "Save properties" to apply the selected colors to the live board. 



Job Board Style Preview - Related Content

Admin - Job Boards


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Job Board Exit Redirect URL and Verification Code Email Address

To provide more control over communication for users, two fields have been added to the Admin Job boards tab. Users are now required to specify an email address for outgoing messages containing verification codes, and users can set a redirect URL that job seekers are sent to after finishing the application process.



Job Board Exit Redirect - Related Content

Admin - Job Boards


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Recover Username & Reset Password

In the event sign-in credentials are forgotten, recruiters and applicants are now able to recall their username and reset their password.



After clicking on "Forgot username?" or "Forgot password?", the user is directed to a pop-window with further instructions.






Username and Password - Related Content

Recover Username and Reset Password

Aero Sign-In


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Application Workflows

Application workflows define what an applicant sees when applying for a job. Avionté has created twelve standard work sections that can be used in combination to create customized, repeatable workflows. The sections (WOTC, EEO, etc.) are combined to create workflows with your custom titles  (Temp Warehouse Applicant workflow, FT Office Clerical workflow, etc.) depending on what your applicants need to see depending on their role. Some sections are longer, some are one page. Some sections are required (Welcome, Submit) while most are optional. 

In the image below, the workflow the user has created for temporary warehouse position applicants is comprised of a set of Welcome screens, a Personal info: Resume workflow, Competencies, EEO, and a Submit screen. An applicant will be prompted to provide information in each of these areas when they apply for a position. 



Workflows - Related Content

Admin - Application Workflows


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Workflow Sections

As mentioned above, workflows are comprised of sections. Each section can be added or removed from a workflow. With a few exceptions, sections are optional when creating a workflow.  



Welcome Section (required)

The Welcome workflow screen collects general information about an applicant. This workflow section is only one screen and is required for all application workflows. Because it is required for all workflows, the option to remove this workflow section has been disabled.

When a new application workflow is created, the Welcome (required) workflow section properties will display on the right side of the screen. Mobile users will need to click on the Welcome (required) workflow section in order for these options to appear. Admin users can specify specific branches to display in a drop-down menu for applicants to select as a branch they consider themselves to be associated with.


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Welcome: Prescreen Section

This section asks preliminary questions of an applicant that dictate whether or not the applicant qualifies to continue the application process. 



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Welcome: Account Create Section

The Account Create workflow section requires an applicant to create an account in the Talent Module that can be used to easily apply for jobs in the future.



There is no Admin configuration necessary on this item. The Admin can only elect to have this item appear in an application workflow. If the Welcome: Account Create section is added to the workflow, the applicant is required to create an account. 

Applicants can also create an account through the Create Account link in the upper corner if the Account create workflow section is not included in the workflow. Clicking the link will open a pop-up dialog for the applicant to create an account. The link will only be available if the workflow section is not included.


Adding the Welcome: Account Create workflow section to the application workflow is the only way to require the applicant to create an account.


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Personal Info Section

The Admin user can choose to include the Personal info screen in an application workflow. The Personal info screen collects information about an applicant such as their address and phone number. If the Personal info workflow section is selected for the application workflow, it will be the first tab to appear.



All of these fields will populate data into the Recruiter Module > Talent > Profile area and into the core application Employee > Address and Contact Method areas. The address that the applicant enters on the Personal info screen will be marked as the primary address in the core application.


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Personal Info: Resume Section

The Personal Info: Resume workflow section requires applicants to upload a resume. Although the resume section appears on the Personal Info page in the application workflow, it has its own configurable workflow section. When this workflow section is added and enabled, the resume section will appear on the Personal Info page. 



All of the parsed data from the resume will appear in the Recruiter module and the Avionté core app.

Applicants can only upload one resume at a time. The applicant can remove the document from the Personal information page, but it will remain attached to the Employee Record. When an applicant uploads and parses a new resume, the data from the new resume will overwrite the old data. 


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Education Section

The Education workflow section requires an applicant to enter information regarding their educational experience. 


There is no Admin configuration necessary on this item. The Admin can only elect to have this item appear in an applicant workflow. Consequently, the section to the right of the application workflow which usually contains further configuration options, will appear blank.


If an applicant enters a graduation date for an education line item, this is equivalent to checking the Graduated checkbox under Employee > Education in the core app. If a date is entered into this field then Graduated is set to True. If no date has been entered, then Graduated is set to False.

The Degree/Options that the applicant can select from are defined in the Avionté core app per branch. For additional information on Config Choice, see the Admin Tools: Config Choice article. 


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Experience Section

There are no additional items that need to be configured for this workflow section. Because there are no additional items that need to be configured, the section to the right of the application workflow, normally reserved for further configuration options, will be blank.


The Current Job checkbox in the applicant facing workflow is not visible or searchable in the Avionté core application.


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Questionnaire Section

The Questionnaire section of the Application Workflow allows the Admin user to add up to 20 questions to an Application Workflow and define the answers.


The questions that appear in the question drop-down menu are taken from the questions that have been configured in Admin Tools > Config Choice > EmployeeInterview and set as visible for at least one branch. Questions can be added, edited or deleted in this section of the core application.

Note:  As questions are selected by the Admin for the Questionnaire and/or the Welcome: Prescreen workflow sections, they are removed from the drop-down list of available questions.  This prevents accidental use of duplicate questions in the Application Workflow.  


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Competencies Section

This section is used to collect competencies and skills from the applicant. the Aero platform  has a pre-set collection of competencies from which the applicant can choose. 



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WOTC  Section

The WOTC (Work Opportunity Tax Credit) workflow section contains the integration with ADP to check employee eligibility for tax credits. Typically pronounced "wot-see", WOTC incentives are provided to companies hiring individuals from certain target groups who have consistently faced significant barriers to employment. 


When an applicant reaches this step in the application workflow, the applicant will be prompted to provide information that is needed to fill out the 88509 Tax credit form. Once the applicant has entered this information, the integration with ADP will automatically determine if the employee is eligible for federal tax credits and update the employee's record in Avionté.


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EEO Section

The EEO section (which is optional for the applicant), collects data associated to equal employment opportunity work practices. 



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Submit Section (required)

The Submit screen is the last page of an application workflow that verifies that the applicant has entered valid information and confirms the application submission. This workflow section is required for all application workflows. Because it is required for all workflows, the option to remove this workflow section has been disabled. 


Admin users have the ability to create and format an acknowledgment statement for this workflow section. A default acknowledgement statement will pre-populate for every new workflow. If a custom acknowledgement is not added, then this default text will be used. To update the acknowledgement text, see the steps below. 




Application Workflows - Related Content

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New Support Series for Applicants

Application Workflow - Welcome (General Information)

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Application Workflow - Personal Info

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Application Workflow - Questionnaire

Application Workflow - Competencies

Application Workflow - WOTC

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New Articles

Admin - Application Workflows

Add and Edit Interview Questions



Updated Articles

Post a Job

Admin - Permissions

Admin - Job Boards

Aero Error Messages

Original Online Application Report

Available Counters


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Confirmation Email to Applicant

The Email settings for job application submittal section has been added to Admin>Talent module settings page.


An Admin user can create and configure outgoing email notifications that are sent to applicants who successfully submit applications via Quick Apply or the general application process.







Confirmation Email to Applicant - Related Content

Admin - Talent Module Settings 


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Early-Release ACA Development

Due to demand and time sensitivity, Avionté's ACA Companion application was developed outside of a standard release cycle. In order to accommodate functionality needed in the wake of the initial release, work was performed for the application as part of the 17.1 content. The articles and video displayed below provide general information, and lead to more detailed information, about the functionality added to the Avionté application during the Winter 2017 release. 


ACA Companion Application Release Notes

ACA Companion Application - Getting Started



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Known Issues

Issue Description
Permission Delay




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Software Corrections

Along with brand new development and enhancements to existing features, release 17.1 includes numerous updates and fixes. The following table describes the most notable changes. Included with the description is the ticket number used for internal tracking of the item followed by a description of the change.


May 8, 2017

Item  Description Affected Versions



An invoice is no longer able to be created in a different supplier. 


A DRM has been created and added to the standard set warning a user of the invoice restriction. 

16.1, 16.2



A DRM has been added to notify when taxes default to "Single" and "0".

16.1, 16.2



The procedure [txn_ProcessOTPlan_Default] previously only weighted pay rates for transactions that had non-zero PayUnits, so [tbv_CheckWeightedOTDT] and [pbv_CheckWeightedOTDT] only fired for transactions with non-zero PayUnits.


The DRMs have been updated to look at ItemPay instead of Payrate.

16.1, 16.2



Pay Stub Emails are no longer sent to the wrong recipient.


When the render pay stub procedure (customized or standard) failed, the designated recipient would receive the pay stub for the next recipient whose stub did not fail to render.




The config choice SortOrderProperty has been made available to Criminal History under EmployeeSummaryReportSetup.  




When an invoice correction is performed, the TotalDaysWorked on TransactionEntry column no longer remains positive on negative, correcting transactions.


Previously, inaccuracies could be displayed on reports using the columns.




Users are no longer able to edit the weekending date on a transaction when the TimeEntry batch is closed and Pay and Bill are flagged as complete.

16.1, 16.2



An error is no longer generated when trying to copy information from a Branch.




Additional tax withholding now calculates into tax totals on net zero checks with Advance Bank.


Previously, if an employee had a reversal with an amount that exceeded the resulting checks totals, the WH that was processed originally would not end up in the resulting checks totals, resulting in more funds being refunded than expected.




A "Deselect" button has been added to deselect all branches in the Admin Portal's EDocument detail window. The following files have been modified:


Portal > Portal > Admin > NewEDocument.aspx

Portal > Portal > Admin > NewEDocument.aspx.cs

16.1, 16.2



The WOTC page in the Onboarding site will now scroll correctly for iOS devices.

16.2, 16.3


The procedure ord_ProcessOrderStatus_Default has been modified for performance.

16.1, 16.2

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June 6, 2017


Note: Ticket numbers beginning with "BUG" or "JOB" are used for internal tracking. Ticket numbers beginning with "Z" refer to items managed through the Zendesk ticketing system.

Item # Description Other Versions Affected


Users are now able to view eDocument PDFs in the Avionté Core application once the employee and employer portion is completed even if the infrastructure service is down. 



In the Aero platform's Recruiter Module > Contact section, company search results no longer return an empty customer field - data that is migrated from the Contact area in the Core application. 



In the Aero platform's Recruiter Module > Company section, company search results no longer return an empty account manager field - data that is migrated from the Company area in the Core application.



Once a contact method has been deleted, the method is no longer included in search results.



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June 8, 2017


Note: Ticket numbers beginning with "BUG" or "JOB" are used for internal tracking. Ticket numbers beginning with "Z" refer to items managed through the Zendesk ticketing system.

Item # Description Other Versions Affected

Vertex Update


Vertex releases periodic updates that contain any additions, discontinuations, adjustments, and/or fixes for issues related to tax processing and geocode options discovered by Vertex.


Avionté has applied the latest Vertex update to the 17.1.3 version of the Avionté Suite and made the latest Vertex update available for self-hosted customers. 


The latest update includes the following:


  1. Work tax credit not being deducted from Ohio resident city tax calculation
    This issue occurs only when Ohio residents work in a Kentucky location where
    either of the following conditions exist for a county tax:
    • The county tax has a maximum limit.
    • The county tax is eliminated when a city tax exists.
      Previously, in some instances, PTQ was not correctly deducting the work tax
      credit during the calculation of the resident tax for cities in Ohio.

      This issue was addressed, effective with this release.

      The calculation was modified to calculate the correct credit amount.

  2. Ohio city subject wages
    This issue affects only employees who live and work in the same city in Ohio, and
    who are exempt from the city tax.
    If an employee lives and works in the same Ohio city and is tax exempt, PTQ was
    returning the subject gross wages on the resident tax handle in error.

    This issue was fixed.

  3. Concurrent Aggregation and the Annualized Concurrent Aggregation methods for Canada
    Before this release, there were some calculation issues when an override tax or
    override rate was passed, or when an additional supplement tax or rate was
    passed. These issues occurred in Canadian Federal and Quebec Provincial tax

    The following calculation methods were affected:
    • Concurrent Aggregation
    • Annualized Concurrent Aggregation (Federal only)

      These issues were fixed.

  4. Additional MED EE Tax for highly compensated employees with wages from a predecessor employer
    The Medicare and Railroad Retirement Tier 1 (Medicare portion) tax rate is
    currently 1.45% each for the employee and employer. In addition, you must
    withhold 0.9% Additional Medicare Tax from wages that you pay to an employee
    in excess of $200,000 in a calendar year. Employers are required to begin
    withholding Additional Medicare Tax in the pay period in which they pay wages
    in excess of $200,000 to an employee and continue to withhold it each pay
    period until the end of the calendar year. Additional Medicare Tax is imposed
    only on the employee. There is no employer share of Additional Medicare Tax.
    When corporate acquisitions meet certain requirements, wages paid by the
    predecessor employer are to be treated as if they were paid by the successor
    employer for purposes of determining if the employee has reached the
    Additional Medicare Tax or Railroad Retirement Tier 1 Tax (Medicare portion)
    withholding threshold.

    Vertex Payroll Tax Q Series Enhanced Integration
    Summary of Program Modifications
    March 2017 3
    What these changes mean:
    For PTQ to use year-to-date wages to accumulate the wages for both employers,
    you must pass the predecessor employer wages and taxes in the following fields:
    • eVprtGrsIDPriorState - Prior State Gross
    • eVprtGrsIDPriorStateSup - Prior State Supplemental Gross
    • eVprtTaxAmtIDPriorState - Prior State Tax Amount
    • eVprtTaxAmtIDPriorStateSup - Prior State Supplemental Tax Amount PTQ will add the information in these fields for predecessor employer wages to
      year-to-date and

  5. Issue with VI work state SUI calculation
    Currently, PTQ calculates the territorial income tax for the Virgin Islands (VI). The
    Virgin Islands calculation does not handle multi-work situations. If the work and
    resident locations are not in the same territory, the calculation status is set to
    Invalid Employee handle, and no taxes are returned.
    Beginning with this release, VI State Unemployment (SUI) calculates when the
    work GeoCode is 78-000-0000 (VI) even if the resident GeoCode is not the same.

    This calculation change is for VI SUI ER only.

  6. Canada Pension Plan (CPP) calculation error for employee who transfers from Quebec to another
    The self-adjust and self-adjust at maximum calculation methods are complicated
    if a portion of the employee's year-to-date earnings are earned in Quebec, due to
    the difference in the CPP and QPP contribution rates and annual contribution

    To determine if the employee and employer have satisfied the annual maximum
    contribution for the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) when the employee transfers
    from Quebec to another province, enhancements were made to the
    contributions calculations that use the self-adjust and self-adjust at maximum
    calculation methods.

  7. Maine withholding tax
    Beginning in 2017, the Maine Department of Revenue updated the formula for
    calculating Maine withholding tax.

    In release 4.2.2, Vertex modified the program code and updated the calculation
    to account for these changes. Refer to the Vertex Payroll Tax Q Series Calculation
    Guide for more information about the changes in calculations.
16.1.5, 16.2.7 




Invoices are now separating by PO Number as set up for a customer.




An "exception" error is no longer generated when using the ProveIt! integration. 



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June 14, 2017


Note: Ticket numbers beginning with "BUG" or "JOB" are used for internal tracking. Ticket numbers beginning with "Z" refer to items managed through the Zendesk ticketing system.

Item # Description Versions affected









The application now functions as expected when saving, viewing, or emailing invoices from Report Viewer.



Local tax naming has been updated to retain proper mapping from Avionté conventions to Greenshades conventions in the Tax Filing Center.

16.1, 16.2, 16.3



Geocode overrides are now being properly applied to employee records.






July 7, 2017


Note: Ticket numbers beginning with "BUG" or "JOB" are used for internal tracking. Ticket numbers beginning with "Z" refer to items managed through the Zendesk ticketing system.

Item # Description Versions affected


Onboarding portal alignment issues have been resolved including the adjustment of screen margins. 




Local tax naming has been updated to retain proper mapping from Avionté conventions to Greenshades conventions in the Tax Filing Center.

16.1, 16.2, 16.3


The Onboarding portal language drop-down menu now functions as expected on the sign-in screen.



Avionté now supports New York's newly introduced FLI (Family Leave Insurance) tax that became effective July 1st. The tax has a cap of 0.126% of an employee’s weekly wage (not to exceed $1.65). Avionté now passes the week to-date tax amounts to ensure that the tax does not exceed this cap for employees paid multiple times in a week.

16.1, 16.2, 17.1, 17.2 



Mountain/Pacific time zone users now see correct dates in Mobile Time Entry's Timesheet Detail view.



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October 10, 2017

Note: Ticket numbers beginning with "BUG" or "JOB" are used for internal tracking. Ticket numbers beginning with "Z" refer to items managed through the Zendesk ticketing system.

Item # Description Versions affected


A new tag "<orderid>", is now included when sending XML to Datafrenzy under Order's Auto Match section.

The change has been made under the file location Win/Avionte.Suite.Win.Application/Common/AutoMatch.cs as shown below.

<input type=\"hidden\" name=\"orderid\" id=\"orderid\" value=" + sessionGuid + ">



Message Action Types now load as expected. 


Aero - 1.2.3 


An error is no longer generated when adding a new deduction and switching a supplier drop-down menu in the Employee > Deduction section. 

16.1, 16.2, 17.1


An EmployeeSync exception error is no longer generated when deleting a contact method.



Employee data entered by a Web User is now properly displayed in the Employee > Detail section. Previously, when a Web User entered employee data, some information would display as application code in the Employee > Detail area. 



Customer documents can now be downloaded in the Aero Recruiter Module.


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17.1.7 Features

October 26, 2017


Element Description

New, generic overtime plans are available.


OT 40/wk 10/day
OT 40/wk 8/day
OT 44/wk
OT 45/wk
OT 46/wk
OT 48/wk
OT 50/wk
OT 52/wk
OT 60/wk
OT 40/wk and Sunday
OT 40/wk and 7th day
OT 48/wk and 7th day


Visit the Overtime Plans and Work Schedules article for a comprehensive list of OT plans in Avionté.

BUG-195 The My Branch Open Order Counter (clu_GetMyBranchOpenOrder) now returns additional orders that are shared with the user’s current branch if that exists. 

Previously, the counter was limited to only acknowledge the user’s current branch.




17.1.7 Fixes

October 26, 2017


Element  Description

Users are now notified with a DRM when a VertexCMP code is missing during time entry. 


An error is no longer generated when processing deductions with Advance Payback when the config option ProcessDeductionsByWeekWorked = True.


A "max length" error is no longer generated when logging into a Time Entry portal with the correct Employee ID. 


An error is no longer generated due to the entry of a deduction note greater than 1000 characters. 


The legacy PeopleG2 integration URL is now correct. PeopleG2 has changed the URL to


When parsing a resume, periods and commas are now removed to enable proper data validation and usage in the application.


The Nelco and IBF ACA export AQs now properly map data into the DynamicFileName column rather than the AdvanceQuery.FileName column.


Errors generated during an employee merge procedure now displays the message "records are in the results window" and the records themselves.


It is no longer possible to adjust entered time once it has been submitted into the Employee portal.


The Employee Merge utility no longer fails if the debug flag is set and the records have different tax marital statuses.


A duplicate posting is no longer created in the RSS feed XML when two orders under the same customer have different work site addresses.


When a check is voided, a new advance check is now generated as expected when original pay units are generated.


Finance charge payments no longer display as 'credit due' in Customer Portal > AR Aging


Selectel Wireless ( has been added to the Service Provider list. 


When entering a new user from Admin Tools > Employer > User, the  notification " already exists. Please choose another User Name" is now generated when a duplicate user already exists. 


Total Invoice Batch Amount Summary is now displayed under the Billing > Invoices Grid


Employee Status config choices that were associated to a branch no longer display in Aero after being disassociated.


The SystemName of a cell phone is now used to populate cell phone information on the Employee > Detail screen. 


Calendar controls now display all days of the week in Customer Portal > Job Orders > Search.

Previously, an unrelated, overarching CSS rule affected the calendar's ability to display Friday and Saturday. 


An error is no longer generated when a Dress Code value is greater than 255 characters in Order > Actions menu > Post Order to Web 


The procedure tbv_PossibleDuplicateEntryForAssignment has been optimized for increased speed and to avoid timeouts for some customers. The temp table selection is now made at the beginning and joins have been minimized. 


The counter Online Applicant-Cand Add has been added to Available Counters. The counter records candidates that have applied through online access - a portal or the Aero platform.


Auto Match no longer matches inactive addresses when filtering by radius.


The ROE Feed generation now properly accounts for the maximum time limit of 53 weeks for employees who started working before 53 weeks ago. 


Credit and debit transaction node entries are now displaying as expected in AR > Post Payment > Create New Invoice. 


A DRM now generates as expected when a customer tries to place an order with the property CanPlaceOrder set to "False." 


A Pennsylvania negative sales tax issue has been resolved. Previously, when a PA sales tax transaction item (calculated based on gross profit), had pay but no bill, the gross profit amount was calculated as negative, resulting in a negative sales tax.


Newly added branches are now available to push reports. 


The Employee Background date is now displayed as the date of the background check rather than the date the initial employee data was entered into the application.


Saving an applicant workflow no longer generates an error due to config choices with null properties.

Previously, config choices without data were not filtered when an applicant status was generated.


The DH Order Log Report no longer experiences issues as the Inserting Frequency no longer defaults to "Annual" in the DH Order > Detail screen. 


Invoice corrections no longer generate an error due to constraints resulting from zero-amount TransactionEntryItemSalesTax records.


When changing an order's status, the Order Temp Log report no longer displays duplicate entries from orders. 


Bill/Pay units for an order created in the Customer portal are no longer incorrectly placed in the core application. 

Previously, when the property Web_Customer_Update_Order_Rate_Type was set to "1" in Customer > Sales and Services > Web Option, users were able to see the pay rate and bill rate when creating a new order via the Customer portal > Job Order > New Order > Temp.


When pay stubs are automatically emailed after posting a payroll batch, the action  no longer generates a timeout error.


When users adjust tax exemptions, the application now only prompts the user to change state and federal withholding taxes, rather than all taxes including school district taxes.   


Following an adjustment to an unannounced Vertex update, the WA and OR Worker Comp EE/ER tax hours are now calculated with greater precision.


An accounting period can now be closed when the Billing period is set to "Last Week" in a customer's billing setup. A DRM now triggers if the current accounting period is the last week of the month and has billing transactions with no invoice record in the billing section.


Oregon transit taxes are correctly deducted in partially covered ZIP codes.


An error is no longer generated during a QuickBooks import when the credit amount is negative in the GL Journal Entry. 


The word "Assignment" is now correctly spelled in the Employee Transaction Card. 


Order Sync is now processing as expected during the nightly Agent sync.


The Incomplete Applicant counter now calculates as expected when an employee is shared in different branches. 


The maximum allowed assessment for Canadian provinces is now accounted for when calculating worker's compensation. 


Once an Employee hits a Yearly Taxable Maximum (which currently varies by Province: their Employer no longer needs to pay into Workers Comp.


"WSIBMaxYearlyAssessableEarnings_PP_YYYY" where PP is the abbreviated province of the WSIB code and YYYY is the year to which the specified limit (Property’s Value) applies.


Ex.: Property = WSIBMaxYearlyAssessableEarnings_AB_2017 and Value: 98700


The Wyoming worker's compensation code is now passed to StateOther during the generation of the Greenshades XML Feed.


The monthly statement letter is now sending email when there is a combination of a semicolon and a comma in the email address setup for customer. 


Greenshades is now able to process the XML feed exported from Avionté when an employee has a comma or period in their name. Punctuation that affects Greenshades' ability to process the XML feed is now stripped from the XML language. 


The Greenshades XML will now properly choose an employee's email address if there are multiple emails specified.


Yearly recurrences in the Calendar now recur on the selected day rather than defaulting to the first of the month.


Reference questions now sort correctly.


Inactive Roster Attendance Codes can no longer be entered under the Employee/Customer Roster sections. 


Parsing a large number of resumes no longer generates a performance timeout. 


Contributions are now calculated correctly when closing an accounting period with multiple employee transactions and a "percentage" configuration in the employee record.  


Employee > Messages now properly displays a task's end date if the date is in the past.  


GL account descriptions now update when generating a journal entry. 


A procedural timeout no longer results when attempting to generate a list of candidates in Employee > Candidate.

When creating an employee record without a social security number, email and cell phone data is now properly validated. 

School Districts that are no longer valid for a given geocode are no longer available for selection.


When discarding a reversal when processing a payroll batch, the application no longer doubles the pay balance amount in the employee's record.


Canadian accruals are now accruing when the employee has multiple checks of the same week worked. 


Deleting multiple contact methods no longer generates a "merge" error.


1099 employees are no longer accounted for in the "ACA Full Time w/o Offer" counter.

Previously, the counter did not filter 1099 employees. While the ACACA does process measurements for 1099 employees, they aren't required to be offered HC given they are self-employed or employed by another agency.


Creating invoices from the AR section now creates transaction nodes so invoices can be corrected. 


It is no longer possible to see an invoice correction from a different supplier/customer during an invoice merge. 


The config System Choice > Cell Phone Providers list has been updated. 

Updated cell phone provider gateways:
1) AIO Wireless –
2) AllTel PCS –
3) Cricket –
4) IV Cellular –
5) MTS Mobility –
6) Nex-Tech –

Deactivated cell phone providers:
1) Alaska Digital
2) Boost
3) CingularGoPhoneprepaid
4) CingularPostpaid
5) Consumer Cellular
6) Family Mobile
7) GeneralCommunicationsInc
8) GoldenStateCellular
9) Helio
10) Pacific Bell
11) VoyagerMobile

Finally updating the cell phone provider H2O Wireless to H20.



It is no longer possible to create multiple EEO records for an employee in the core application.


When saving a change to an address, selecting 'No Create New' now attaches the new address to the entity.


Global Cash Card now generates an error message as expected when it fails during a card load. 


In mobile time entry, non-central time zones now show punch-ins and punch-outs correctly.


A 'save contribution' now shows up when clicking New Contribution and selecting the transaction type under the employee's contribution section. 


Agency's check is now calculating the deduction types 'Transactional' and 'Adjustment' while processing payroll check deductions with 'week worked.'


The 'GA WH' tax now applies exemptions as dependents. 


An error message has been expanded to explain to include affected check numbers when SUTA is missing from checks generated in Greenshades.


Week end dates may no longer be edited once payroll/billing has been processed. 


Education Verification through Asurint now requires a State to be entered. 


Canadian vacation accrual is now showing correct totals for Item Pay VS Gross Wages in the sheet view if the setup for vacation transaction is changed. 


Filters are no longer removed when a change is made to Temp Order > Candidates grid data. 


The file type ".html" has been removed from the list of accepted resume file types as support for the file type was removed some time ago. 


Back and "next" buttons now function as expected when creating a custom interview page name.  


Advance Draft is now working properly when recouping the advance draft for the same employee. 


Changing the name of Reg, Salary, or DHFee transaction type no longer causes temp order search results to return incorrect rates.


It is no longer possible for an invalid filing status to be applied to a default tax. 


The performance has been improved when creating a new branch or modifying an existing branch in Admin Tools. 


Updating DNA now refreshes custom dynamic panels.

When the DNA form closed, it was specifically refreshing only the DNA dynamic panel.


The Arrival Call counter no longer includes rate changes.


This DRM pbv_CheckPayeeInMultipleStateWorkGeoCode , which warns if there are employees who have transactions in multiple states during the same pay period to make sure that taxes are calculated correctly, is no longer including 1099 employees for whom the taxes aren't relevant, which led to false positives.


The Grand Summary in the Customer section is now displaying when loading the Customer search screen from a Start Page counter. 


Canadian XML T4 values are properly mapped into corresponding db columns.


The Attach Time Card form now allows the extraction of images from multiple PDFs at a time.


When generating pacheck stub data, default property values are no longer inserted.


DataFrenzy and the DataFrenzy Non-Order Cand counter have been hidden from the Start Page.

DataFrenzy is now used only from Auto match in the temp and DH order sections. 


When employee's are shared across suppliers, the Advance Pay procedure now accounts for the supplier so the deduction is applied to the correct supplier. 


A Contact search filtered by CreateDate now generates as expected.  


Sales Reps are now auto-populating on Assignments when the assignment is processed through the Employee section. 


The Onboarding portal referral validation text no no longer shows 'true' instead of the employer name. 


The Applicant portal zip code field now displays CA and 9-digit US zip codes correctly.  


The rapid! Pay Card integration now properly handles commas in employee names and addresses.


When recalculating supplier taxes in Admin Tools, the recalculation no longer references taxes from other suppliers.


Users are now able to type in the Action Type combo box in the Message wizard under Assignment's horizontal panel as well as Order candidate's status change message wizard. 


A Canadian T4 now correctly generates paycheck deductions.  


A "truncation" error is no longer generated when 255 characters or more are added in web time entry > Additional Items then imported into the core application.


The Time Clock button text is no longer cut off on iOS devices using Safari.


Removing Create Order permission now disables the shortcut button.


When creating a new Dynamic Panel the system is now saving the properties in Admin Tools.


The "Check All" boxes now function properly after grouping Advanced Search results.


Unchecking the "Active" checkbox and pressing tab no longer generates a warning message to appear twice in Employee Deductions. 


Advanced Search fields (and others) no longer lose decimal information in the NumericValue column. 



Formula deductions no longer count groups multiple times if an employee has deductions from the same group in multiple suppliers.


The Employee deduction form no longer shows checks from all suppliers.


The Applicant portal no longer creates a new applicant with an "Incomplete" status if the applicant does not complete finish their application. Previously, the portal only changed the status to "online applicant" when completed via "submit page."


Letters in the Customer Portal > Time Entry Note field now display as expected when there are trailing spaces in the text. 


An incomplete applicant now retains the "Entered By" user and date. 


Orders are now being created with the correct rate according to the job position/shift name combination specified in Customer, Order Options, and Job Rate.


Issues have been resolved when importing web time containing both ends of an assignment rate change. 


Having a single accounting period open no longer causes an incorrect 'Accounting Period Change' message in Time Entry.


Payroll Processing no longer throws a string truncation error when an employee has a country code longer than two characters.


When launching an HTML dialog for emailing a web login, the email no longer converts the ampersand (&) with the html entity when sending the link to the employees. The link would not work with the incorrect ampersand translation. 



Employee paychecks are no longer voided when the check had TaxableGross + a TaxAmount greater than zero.


State Disability Insurance can now be included in a Formula Deduction. 


The Billing Process discount is now properly handling TOTALHOURS by BillUnit. 


Documents Added via Applicant Portal & Employee Portal are now visible in Aero.

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17.1.8 Fixes

November 16, 2017


Item # Description

Time cards that have not yet been submitted are now appearing as expected when a Contact is submitting on behalf of an employee. 


HTML emails no longer contain "&nbsp;" in the text where a space is normally expected. 


Accruals are now properly factoring depleted units when calculating the limit.

Previously, if an employee had a limit and balance of 30 units and 8 hours were used (depleted), the balance was properly reduced to 22 units remaining. However, subsequently accrued hours would not be added to the balance, leaving the employee with 22 units. 


The following "Re-apply" counters have been added to the Suite application.

Reapply Complete (system name: clu_GetApplicantReapplyComplete]


  • Applicant has agreed to the Acknowledgement in the Talent Module workflow (captured via the Date Submitted)
  • If the applicant has been recognized by an Online applicant counter, the applicant will not register with this counter
  • Employees are removed from the counter when a message is logged on the Employee Record with a System Name of "Review"


Reapply InComplete (system name: clu_GetApplicantReapplyInComplete]


  • Applicant has NOT agreed to the Acknowledgement in the Talent Module workflow 
  • If the applicant has been recognized by an Online applicant counter, the applicant will not register with this counter
  • Employees are removed from the counter when a message is logged on the Employee Record with a System Name of "Review"



The cell phone provider Total Wireless has been added to the application. 


When using the the field chooser to add or remove columns in the InvoiceSave Invoice Collection grid, changes are now saved between sessions including when returning after navigating to a different tab.


The Expiration Date is now correct for EEO Form CC-305 in the Applicant Portal.


When editing a batch, the Payroll Batch Wizard now displays the current date rather than resetting to a default date. 


Users may no longer access the Employee > Detail page from the Shortcut without Admin Tools > Form access.


When opening Actions Menu > View Web Link, the generated window no longer appears behind the Suite application. 


The 'Timepicker' on Mobile Time Entry is now centered and long, company names now display correctly on mobile devices. 


A timeout error is no longer generated when performing a "%" search in Contact Search. 


Reversing a paycheck in Advance Bank when the check has an alphanumeric ExternalID no longer generates an error. 

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17.1.9 Features

December 14, 2107


Item #



As new counter data has become available in the ACA Companion app, the End Of ACA Admin Period Counter (clu_GetEmployeeEndofACAAdminPeriod) has been removed from Avionté Suite. 


Global Cash Card API validation restrictions have been added to the Global Cash Card knowledge base article




17.1.9 Fixes

December 14, 2107


Item # Description

The ACA Companion Application is now accepting ALE MEC choices entered by a user. 


The Employee Merge Utility has been optimized for performance. 


The Mass Mail Agent job now properly handles the entry of a bad email address. Previously, there was no indicator that an email had been attempted and failed except in the case of a bad email address. This would cause the job to continuously attempt the same email.



When processing payroll transactions, those flagged "Payment Complete" are now properly ignored and users may no longer select them. 



The ACA Admin Fee may now be defined at the customer level. 

The extra value was not originally designed to be defined at the Customer level, but after multiple customization requests, it was requested that this ability be included standard product.



When an employee submits a time card and the customer approves the time, the notification email is now being sent to the branch user defined in the property Web_TimeEntry_Notify_EmailList.



The Wkl_CalculateTransactionCosts property no longer causes timeouts when closing an accounting period. 



The Gross Profit Calculation no longer adds a redundant amount of the GPAAdjustmentCost



When adding deductions to an employee it is no longer possible for the amount of the new deduction to display a different deduction.

This issue was a display-only issue and did not affect data. 


The Payment Check Accrual process has been optimized for better performance. 


The AR section's "Payment Invoice" view is now displaying expected data.



Searching for a Contact with a long name no longer generates results with truncation errors. 


A Calendar call now indexes one year of data (plus 6 months & minus 6 months) rather than four years of data (+2 & -2) to reduce synchronization timeouts for tenants with many records. 



Contact searches no longer time out.


The process to generate the Hours Over Forty DRM has been optimized for performance.



The process to generate the Available Call counter has been optimized for performance.



The Greenshades feed and XML have been updated to meet 2017 year-end requirements. 


An employee's Education state (e.g. Minnesota) is now being sent with background check requests. 



The Suite application has been updated to account for non-alpha characters in employee names used in the the Greenshades XML feed integration. 


The Emailing Paycheck Stubs process has been optimized to avoid timeout.



A requirement to include a date of conviction has been added to enable the loading of the Criminal History page.


Orders are now displayed in the Customer portal even if the department name is greater than 50 characters. 


An error is no longer generated when a Customer Portal order does not contain a branch email user list.


Account mapping errors no longer result when a GL is generated based on 'Tax Grouping'.



Advanced Search rows display as expected when a filter is removed through the Action drop-down menu. 


The pay_GenerateVertexRequest has been optimized for performance. 



The DRM apv_CheckForEmployeeTaxTotal has been adjusted so that it no longer generates for Corrected checks. 



When parsing multiple resumes, the application now properly handles resumes that do not contain an address. 


Editing an Advance Draft amount now generates a correct Payback Deduction. 

Previously, when users edited an amount in an advance draft, or removed the transaction entry item, the advance payback deduction would revert to the originally entered amount rather than the actual transaction amount. 



The ACA Fee Processing procedure has been optimized for performance. 


When processing DataFrenzy XML, an unnecessary file holding the xmlString value and resumeText is no longer created. 



Accounting periods now close as expected after removing an unwanted Transaction Entry item.



Older browser versions now properly resolve time clock punches to an employee's appropriate time zone. 



Freedom Mobile Cellular has been added as a mobile provider.



False DRMs no longer generate during payroll. The messaging was a result of a customer name truncation issue.



Job board links now generate as expected when a branch name is longer than 50 characters.



The Suite/core application launch procedure has been optimized for performance. The application now opens faster. 




Payroll processes containing a Do Not Assign (DNA) element no longer timeout.


Imports containing many instances of employees with more than one transaction no longer time out during the reprocessing stage. 



Pennsylvania Sales Tax Calculation now validates whether payroll processing has been finalized.



State withholding tax is now updating as expected when default taxes contain a State Exemption in the Employee Tax section. 



The Web_TimeEntry_AllowEmployeeUnsubmitTime config option procedure has been adjusted so Mobile Time Entry now properly displays the "Unsubmit" button. 


A Pennsylvania employee's PSDCode is now properly set even if the the employee has no tax record.



The Copy Order wizard now copies required dates that have been added by customers.


A Zip Code containing less than five digits no longer prevents the Employee Summary screen from opening. 



Canadian EHT taxes are now calculated correctly.

Previously, when calculating EHT taxes, the application was not including employees who work outside of Ontario but are payed from Ontario.

Additionally, when calculating the taxable gross for EHT, the application was using the Federal Withholding Tax, which is set to 0 if the employee is declared as exempt. The process now uses the gross amount from the pay check rather than Federal Withholding. 



The DataFrenzy and CareerBuilder integrations no longer generate an error when an external candidate's email address is longer than 50 characters. 


Parsed Resumes no longer revert to an "unparsed" status in the Recruiter module



Reversing a paycheck batch containing multiple checks from the same employee no longer generates a negative accrual balance. 


A Conviction Date year is now displayed properly when a the date has two consecutive zero in the year (e.g. 2001). 

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December 19, 2017


Item # Description

Self-hosted clients are now able to use the Global Cash Card integration as expected.   


A standard time import no longer generates an error. Previously, when using standard time entry imports, clients received an error stating that the units after the import don't match the file.


Search fields now generate results without a time-difference delay that had been affecting entities updated in the 17.1.9 release.


An 'OT Plan' error is no longer generated when importing a web transaction. Previously, importing Web Transactions generated an error when the config option UseOTPlan2 was set to False. 


An error is no longer generated during payroll batch posting if a client has more than one transaction type with a system name of "Advance," "AdvancePayBack," or "AdvancePayBackFee."


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