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Recruiter Module - Utilizing Tags to Create a Call List

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Recruiter - Creating a Call List Out of the Office


As a recruiter, searching your database should be the easiest task when a new Order comes in.

However, it can be the easiest task for you to get pulled away from. So you decide create a call list for the next day while you're at home.

Application Use
  1. Log into the Recruiter Module from home via your mobile device, tablet or laptop.

  2. In the Recruiter Module, use search to find talent with the competencies and experience you need to fill an Order. For example, search for someone with Accounting and Microsoft Excel experience.

  3. Use Filters on the left-hand side to filter search results and click "Apply Filters" to narrow down your results.

  4. With a list of talent, select people you want to call first thing in the morning and click on the Profile button in the talent's card.

  5. Click the Professional tab to display a collection of the talent's skill-based data including Additional tags.
    • A tag is a searchable word that can be added to a record to make that record more easily searched.
    • For instance, if the tag "recruited by Angela" is added to a talent record with the Additional tags functionality, whenever the term "recruited by Angela" is entered into a search field, those talent tagged with the term will generate in search results. 

  6. Click on the edit button under "Additional tags" to add a unique tag on the talent record. If you want, you can perform a search on your unique tag and Save Search to easily access this search the next day.

  7. To access your call list the next day, log into the Recruiter Module. You can then either access your call list from the Search Bar drop down to find your unique tag saved search or scroll down to Tags under the Filters Section. To access your unique tag under Filters, scroll down, click on the tag you created and hit "Apply Filters". You now have access your unique call list, making it easy to knock out all of your calls first thing in the morning.


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