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Competencies: A skill is not available for an applicant

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A skill doesn't appear in the list of available skills for an applicant while in the Competencies workflow section.




There are two potential causes for this issue:


  1. The skill code does not exist in the system.  

  2. The skill code is not set as IsWebVisible for the applicant's branch.



Verify the Skill Code exists

  1. Navigate to the Start page.

  2. Click the Actions menu.

  3. Select Admin Tools.

  4. Click System.

  5. Double-click Skill Code to open the Config Skill Code window. 

  6. Search for the skill by clicking in the SkillCode search field and entering the name of the skill in question.


  7. If the skill code does not exist, follow the process described in  Admin Tools: Skill Code - Add New Skill Code to create it.


Verify the Skill Code is set as IsWebVisible

 To set existing skill codes to IsWebVisible, follow the process outlined in Set a Skill Code as IsWebVisible.

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