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Competencies: A skill appears on Avionté Web Platform but does not appear in Core Application

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Competencies appear in an applicant's talent record on the Avionté Web Platform under Talent > Qualifications > Competencies, but they don’t appear in the Core Application under Employee > Skills.


The skills and competencies are added to the Competencies workflow section from two different sources:


Resume Parser

Competencies recognized by the resume parser and added to the applicant's talent record can be viewed on the Avionté Web Platform in Talent > Qualifications > Competencies.  However, these competencies do not have an equivalent location in the Core Application. They can ONLY be viewed on the Avionté Web Platform.





The Applicant 

Skills added by the applicant can be viewed on both platforms. In the Core Application, they are located in Employee > Skills.  




On the Avionté Web Platform, they are located Talent > Qualifications > Avionté Skill Codes (Read-only).




See Admin - Application Workflows - Competencies for more information about the Competencies workflow section.



Competencies added by the resume parser can only be viewed on the Avionté Web Platform.

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