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Competencies: Applicant can’t re-add a skill to an application after deleting it

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This issue may occur when an applicant deletes a skill from their application and then tries to add it back. When they attempt to do so, the skill is not included in the drop-down list of skills and the applicant is unable to add it back to the application.



This issue is the result of the difference between the list of skills that are available to be added to an application by the resume parser and the list of skills that are made available by the applicant's branch.


Skills that are added to the application by the resume parse exist apart from those available to the applicant to add manually.  


The skills that appear in the drop-down list are the skills set as IsWebVisible for the applicant’s branch in Admin Tools > System > Skill Codes.  The applicant will not see skills that are not set as IsWebVisible in the list.


A skill that the resume parser adds to an applicant's application may not exist in the list of skills made available by the branch.  


When an applicant removes a skill added to their application by the resume parser, but not available from the branch, they will not be able to add it back.



An Avionté user can manually add the skill by entering it under the applicant’s competencies in their Talent profile > Competencies. See Talent Card Quickviews - Edit Qualifications for more information.

If the skill applies to the role that the applicant is applying for, it can be added to the list of skill codes.

This will make it available to applicants in the future and allow Avionté users to manually add it to the applicant’s skills in the Employee >Skills section of the Core application.


Existing Skill Code


If the skill code already exists but is not available for applicants to select, it’s likely that the skill code is not set to be IsWebVisible. This is a setting required to make a skill available to the Competencies workflow section. To set existing skill codes to IsWebVisible, follow the process outlined in Set a Skill Code as IsWebVisible.


Skill Code Does not Exist

If the skill code does not exist, follow the process described in  Admin Tools: Skill Code - Add New Skill Code to create it and ensure that it is set to IsWebVisible.

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