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Questionnaire / Prescreen: Report, search, or query based on an interview question category no longer returns expected results

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Custom reports, searches, and/or queries that key off of the categories of interview questions in the Core application no longer return expected results for an applicant or employee.  



The category of the interview question has been changed by that question being used in an application workflow.  


An interview question’s category is changed in cases where both of the following conditions are met:


  1. The applicant's employee record already has interview questions in the Employee > Interview section. These questions could have been created manually or by having the EmployeeInterview Config Choice record requirement set to “Node”.

  2. The applicant completes an application workflow with a prescreen or questionnaire that uses a question that already exists in the employee record.  

When these conditions exist, the interview question’s category is changed to either “Avionté Web Platform Interview Questions” when used in a questionnaire or “Avionté Web Platform Prescreen Questions” when used in a prescreen.



It is recommended that in this situation the report, search, and/or query be updated to key off of the new question category.  

If this is not possible, it is possible to create a duplicate of the question in Admin Tools > Config Choice, assign it the desired category, and then add it to the Employee record.

See Admin - Add and Edit Interview Questions for more information about creating new interview questions.

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