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Troubleshooting: Graphic won’t load in the prescreen rejection message

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When attempting to add a graphic or image to the prescreen rejection message, the image doesn’t load in the message editor. Instead, a broken graphic icon similar to the example below is displayed in the editor window and the actual message presented to the applicant.






There are three potential causes for an image to fail to load in the message editor:


  1. The URL was entered incorrectly when adding the image to the message.

  2. The image is not available at the URL provided. It may no longer be at that location or the location may be password protected.  The message editor does not support password protected URLs.

  3. The image’s URL was generated by a URL shortener like, TinyURL, or  URL shorteners aren’t supported by the Aero platform.




Ensure the image’s full URL has been correctly entered and that the image can be accessed without a password.


See Admin - Application Workflows - Welcome: Prescreen - Set Rejection Message for more information about setting the rejection message for a prescreen.

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