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Avionté Web Platform - June 1, 2017 Release Notes

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Rather than only enabling the “Next” button at the end of the process, the button can now be clicked at any time when creating a workflow to validate fields in the workflow creation page.


Previously, the "Next" button was disabled until all fields contained valid data. In the new condition, the user is able to click "Next" to verify field data. 


Textbox Updates


  • The Describe your duties field in the applicant's Professional experience page now expands during editing to allow more effective review and editing. 

  • A rich-text editor (rather than a basic editor) is now available to edit the "rejection" message used to inform a candidate they have not correctly answered questions in the pre-screen workflow section, and therefore, may not continue with the application.

  • The editing tool bars are now consistent across the Aero platform and all include all of the functioning buttons. Some were missing image and link insert while other inconsistencies affected different editors depending on the area. The Left Align, Center, and Right Align buttons have been removed. 


Applicant Workflow Updates


  • A "Current Job" check box is now shown next to positions in the applicant's Professional experience workflow section.

  •  The graduation date format and range now generate as expected in the applicant's Education workflow section. 
    • The date displays as MM/YYYY
    • Date range displays as MM/YYYY - MM/YYYY


The Job board now features an RSS feed capable of sending specific jobs to other job posting websites. The RSS feed for each job board includes the most recent jobs on that board. Applicants who arrive at job postings from the RSS feed will go through the same application workflow as if they had arrived from the list on the job board.



Contacts and Orders may now be searched by company/customer ID in their respective search fields. 



When granting permissions to users in the Recruiter Module, unapproved users are no longer displayed in the selection menu. 


The Aero platform's Rich text editor is now applying formatting correctly when editing.




Previously, when editing in an area such as Posting > Order > Job Description, some features would not appear correctly or would be unavailable in the Posting area or job board.



The full MM/DD/YYYY date is no longer displaying the previous date from the one selected when the user returns to the date selection step.



Flow links in Admin > App Workflow > Link Settings may now be purely numeric characters.



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