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Questionnaire: Applicant answers don’t appear in Core application

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Questionnaire answers submitted by an applicant do not appear in the Core application under Employee > Interview.  



This issue occurs when the answer types and answer options configured for a question in a questionnaire don’t match those set in the Core application.


While interview questions and their answers are configured in the Core application under Config Choice > EmployeeInterview, a question that's part of an application workflow has its answer formats and options manually configured on the Avionté Web Platform.


This introduces the possibility of having conflicting answer options and answer formats in the Core application and in a questionnaire on the Avionté Web Platform.  


If there are conflicting answer options and answer formats, the applicant’s answers from the other platforms will not appear in the Core application in their record under Employee > Interview.


The answer format must match and answer options must be identical across all platforms. This includes spaces entered before and after commas, spaces between words in the answer, and capitalization. Each answer is separated by a comma. It is recommended that no spaces be used before or after the answer options on any platform.



Ensure that the answer formats and answer options for the question match in both the Core application and in the application workflow.


See the Admin - Add and Edit Interview Questions section above for information about creating a new interview question. See Admin - Application Workflows - Questionnaire for more information about configuring a questionnaire in an application workflow.

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    Kevin Tompkins

    As of today, Application Workflow > Questionnaire will force in a space after a comma for multi-list options. If you omit the spaces, and click Save, the spaces will return after each comma.

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