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Troubleshooting: Recover Username - No reset email

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A username or recovery request was submitted by a talent user, but no email has been received.



If an email has not been received after a reasonable amount of time, and the message has not been filtered out as spam or junk mail, there are three potential causes of this issue:


  1. Two talent users have the same email address set as their primary email address on the Avionté Web Platform in Admin > Talent module settings.  In this case, no recovery message is sent.  This is a security measure that prevents information being sent to unauthorized users
  2. No email address has been entered for this talent user.
  3. There is no Web Login User associated with the email address.



Talent users who experience this problem should contact a recruiter with the staffing agency and ask to verify their account information.  This will help to ensure that the correct email address has been entered into the system.

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