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Troubleshooting: Recover Username - Incorrect Username Received

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After submitting a username recovery request, the wrong username is received after submitting a request to recover a forgotten username.  



This issue is caused by the talent user account being configured with the same email address as an existing Recruiter Module user account.  The username sent out in the recovery email belongs to the Recruiter Module user account


There are two common situations that result in this problem:  


  1. A recruiter entered their own email address for a talent user by mistake.
  2. An employee of a staffing agency has both an Recruiter Module user account and an employee record web user account in the system, both of which are associated with the same email address.  



Change the email addresses associated with the user accounts.


It’s recommended that the staffing agency / employer email address be used for a recruiter account, and a personal email address be used for the talent account.


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