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Create Optional User Account

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Create a New Account

Applicants can create an account from within an application workflow (even if it’s not required by the recruiter), then use the account when applying for jobs with the staffing agency in the future.


  1. Click on the Create Account link.


    The Create your account pop-up will be displayed.


  2. In the Create a user name field, enter your desired username.  It must be at least six characters long.  

  3. In the Enter a password field, enter your desired password.  The password must meet the criteria below:

    • At least eight characters
    • At least one punctuation mark
    • At least one capital letter.
    • At least one numerical character

  4. Re-enter your password in the Re-enter your password to verify field.

  5. Select the Create account button.




Account Verification

If the email entered by the applicant is a duplicate but has no account associated with it, the Verify Email dialog will be displayed, and the applicant will have to verify that the address is theirs before being allowed to continue creating the account.


Verify the email address by following the steps below:

  1. Click Verify to start the process.  


    A message is displayed confirming that a verification code has been sent to the email address and the
    Enter Verification Code window will be displayed. Do not close this window.


  2. Open the verification email when it is received.

  3. Locate the six-digit One Time Access Code in the email.


  4. Enter the code into the Enter your verification code: field of the Enter Verification Code window.

  5. Click Verify to verify the account.


  6. Once the email address has been verified, the applicant can create a new account following the process described in Application Workflow - Account Create (Applicant Accounts).  

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