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Company Documents Pane

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As part of the Company Details Quicklink page, the Documents pane displays documents associated with the company, such as contracts and job descriptions. 




Add a Document




  1. Select the grayplus.png  icon to add a new document to existing contact information. The Add document window will display.


  2. Click on the Type of document field to categorize the type of document about to be uploaded.

  3. Click the details.png icon to search for a file on the computer that can be uploaded here. A document can also be dragged to this space to be uploaded.

  4. Navigate to the file in the computer's folders to be uploaded.

  5. Double-click the file or select Open when the file is highlighted.

  6. Click Upload to upload the file to the company's profile.




Delete a Document



  1. Click the trashcan.png icon to the right of the document to be deleted. A confirmation window will display.


  2. Select Yes to confirm the deletion.

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