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Adding Employee Accrual Plans

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Sick Leave Support Series: 
Sick Leave Setup
This article is part of series that describes processing sick leave for employees.

Sick Leave Overview

Sick Leave Setup

Sick Leave DRM Setup

Adding Employee Accrual Plans

Handling Sick Leave Accruals

Managing Accrual Plans and Balances




Avionté has created Advanced Queries (AQ) focused on sick leave that are designed to make it easier to manage accrual plans and maintain accuracy. They will help to determine employee eligibility and if the employee has a gap in employment. It is recommended that these sick leave AQs are run on a regular basis.


For information about accrual setup in Admin Tools, visit the Accruals Setup - Admin Tools article.  


The reports can be requested from Tech Services.




Auto-Insert Accrual Plan

To have standard active sick leave plans inserted automatically on the employee accrual when closing a time entry batch:

  1. Navigate to Start Page > Actions Menu > Admin Tools > Category = System

  2. Double-click Config Option. The System | Config Option window displays. 

  3. Click the Config Option By FKName tab.

  4. In the Property column search cell, search for AFterTimeEntryBatchCloseSP

  5. Select User or Group from the Apply to area. 

  6. Search for the user or group that will have the updated config option. 

  7. Click the ConfigOptionValue cell to enter a value.

  8. Enter "STD_InsertEmployeeAccrual_Sickleave" into the cell.

  9. Tab off the field to save the value. When time entry batches are closed, employee accruals will now add automatically. 




Viewing Employee Accrual Plans

Once the correct sick leave plan has been determined, apply it to the employee's record.


  1. Navigate to the Employee section.

  2. Perform a search for the employee that the accrual plan will be applied to.

  3. Navigate to Payroll > Accrual.

  4. Click New Accrual.


  5. From the Accrual Plan field, select the desired plan.


  6. In the Start Date field, select the date when the accrual plan starts.

  7. From the Yearly Date Type, select Anniversary Date or Calendar Date. The Anniversary date sets the beginning of the employee's accrual period to the Yearly Date selected in the Yearly Date field. The Calendar date will use 1/1 of the following year as the date to reset the accrual each year. 

  8. In the Yearly Date field, select the date that you want the employee's accrual plan to renew each year. This sets the beginning of the employee's accrual period to the day they began working in that locality. If Calendar Date is selected as the Yearly Date Type, the Yearly Date will be disregarded and 1/1 will be used as the yearly renewal date.

  9. Click Save Accrual.


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    Doug Gilbertson

    If you want it to auto insert the active standard sick leave accrual plans, you can update the ConfigOption property of AfterTimeEntryBatchCloseSP to be STD_InsertEmployeeAccrual_Sickleave

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