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Vendor Portal Property - Web_Time_Entry_Vendor_Approve_To_Employee_Begin

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The Web_Time_Entry_Vendor_Approve_To_Employee_Begin portal property sets the greeting of the email that is sent to vendors notifying that time cards require approval.




Property location: Avionté Admin > Portal Property > Vendor Portal drop-down menu.
Default: Dear Employee,<br />Agency approved following time card.<br />Approved Date: <ApproveTime><br /><br />Assignement Info:<br /><table><tr> <td>EMPLOYEE:</td>  <td><EmployeeName></td><td>Assignment ID:</td><td><AssignmentID></td><td>Start Date:</td><td><StartDate></td><td></td><td></td></tr><tr><td>EMPLOYEE ID:</td>  <td><EmployeeID></td><td>Order ID:</td><td><StaffingOrderID></td><td>End Date:</td><td><EndDate></td></tr><tr><td>Customer:</td><td><CustomerName></td><td>Department:</td>  <td><DepartmentName></td><td>Parent Dep.:</td><td><ParentDepartment></td></tr></table><br /><br />
Valid values: Alphanumeric values in HTML code format. 
Where the setting is reflected... The greeting/beginning of the email that is sent to the Vendors notifying that time cards require approval.



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