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Job Posting Migrator - Customer Steps

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A new job board is available through the Avionté Web Platform. Because the legacy job board will eventually be replaced by the new job board and some existing job boards have many postings, Avionté has created a utility that migrates legacy postings into the new Avionté Web Platform job board. The utility is called the Job Posting Migrator and is used by Avionté staff once a customer approves the migration. 


Using the Job Posting Migrator is not required as customers may manually add postings to the Avionté Web Platform's job board. Customers may manually add all or just some postings to the new job board and the utility can complete the migration - ignoring postings already added to the new board. 




Avionté-Hosted vs. Self-Hosted

The migration process differs between Avionté-hosted customers and self-hosted customers. The self-hosted process requires the use of an additional post-holding environment as well as additional script creation and application. For these reasons, there is a fee for migrating self-hosted customer job postings. There is not a fee for Avionté-hosted customers.   


Regardless of hosting status, all job posting migrations will follow the same process below.





To begin the job posting migration process, open the Job Board Migration Checklist and follow the steps.


The checklist itself has in-depth information, but here are its basic steps:

  1. Log onto the Avionté Web Platform and access everything from the Admin tab

  2. Configure your personalized company theme

  3. Configure your default job board and additional job boards

  4. Configure Talent Module settings

  5. Configure default application workflow or use default quick apply

  6. Log a support ticket to run the Job Board Migrator
  7. Update Applicant Portal URL on your website to the new workflow URL

  8. Update job board links on your website to new job board URLs

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