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Equifax WOTC

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Equifax - an Avionté integration partner - provides a solution that checks employee eligibility for work opportunity tax credits (WOTC). WOTC programs provide tax credit to companies hiring individuals from target groups faced with consistent, significant employment barriers. 


To determine eligibility, an applicant uses the Avionté Web Platform interface to access Form 8850, Pre-Screening Notice and Certification Request for the Work Opportunity Credit, a federal tax screening survey. The Equifax integration analyzes the data supplied to the survey, determines if the employee is eligible for federal tax credits, then updates the employee record. The Equifax WOTC survey can be completed in either the application process or from the employee's Talent profile. 

In order to set up Equifax WOTC, user credentials are needed. These credentials are obtained by the user from Equifax prior to configuring the integration. If the supplier moves from Staging to Production, the steps outlined below will need to be completed again.


If information has been entered in any field and the user tries to leave the page without saving, the validation message "Unsaved values exist in this panel. Leave panel anyway?" will appear. Select Yes or No.



Equifax/WOTC Video





WOTC must be activated as an integration and selected when editing an application workflow. 

  1. Navigate to Avionté Web Platform > Admin section > Integrations.  


  2. Open the Equifax WOTC integration by expanding the item in the integration list.


  3. Select a supplier from the Supplier drop-down menu to which the username and password will be applied. The suppliers are listed alphabetically.


  4. Select an environment, either Staging or Active from the Active environment list. See the definitions of each type of environment below for more information:
    Note: When first visiting this section, Staging will be selected by default.

    Environment Type Description
    Staging An environment used for testing prior to production. 
    Production A live environment used for actual day-to-day work.


  5. In the Equifax Workforce Solutions Customer Id field, enter the username provided by Equifax for the chosen supplier and chosen environment. 


  6. In the Equifax Workforce Solutions password field, enter the password provided by Equifax for the chosen supplier and chosen environment.


  7. Click the Test and Save button.

    Validation messages will appear below the Test and Save button. 


  8. Once the credentials have been successfully tested, the WOTC active for this supplier checkbox will display.

    The checkbox will remain visible on the screen after the above steps have been completed. The supplier/environment can be deactivated at any time. 


  9. Apply the Equifax WOTC process to an application process when editing the application workflow for a job board.







Activating or deactivating WOTC for a supplier is managed by entering or removing a check mark from the "WOTC active for this supplier" box next to the Test and save button at the bottom of the page. 


The page must be saved again each time WOTC is activated or deactivated.




Applicant View

When an applicant is using the Talent Module to apply for a posted job, if the job is posted with "WOTC" as part of the application workflow. 





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