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Make a Job Posting Searchable on Google

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Jobs published in the Avionté Job Board Module are now searchable in Google.

This article describes the process for making a job posting searchable on Google. 



  • Google's job search results are only available in the US.

  • Rather than using a job board theme name, Avionté jobs posted on Google use the supplier name from the associated branch.

  • Aero includes more posting job types that map directly to Google posting job types

  • Aero now includes a Pay Unit concept and expands the pay description to explicitly support ranges on Google




In this Article...


Add City and State to Location to display on job board field

New Job Types available

New pay value / pay range syntax and pay unit field

Share a Job Posting Via Social Media






Add City and State to Location to display on job board Field

To be searchable, each job posting requires a city and state in the Location to display on job board field.  


The screenshot below marks where this information is displayed in a job search.



A job posting is not searchable if the Location to display on job board field is empty or not correctly formatted.

If more than one comma is entered, only the text up to (but not including) the second comma is displayed in the search results.  For example, if the following text is entered, "123 Main St., Eagan, MN 55123", only "123 Main St., Eagan" is shown.  


Edit Location to display on job board Field 

  1. Navigate to the Posting section of the Aero platform.

  2. Perform a search for the job posting.

  3. Select the job posting.

  4. In the Posting properties QuickView pane, enter the job posting's city and state in the Location to display on job board field. 


  5. Select Save.


See Post a Job for more information about posting a job on the Aero platform. 






New Job Types Available

There are more job types available which map to more possible Google for Jobs types:







Pay Value or Range to Display and Unit of Pay to Display

The Pay value or range to display field enforces strict formatting to allow for both specific values and ranges that map into Google for Jobs.



Automatic help messaging guides acceptable entries for the Pay value or range to display field.




An optional Unit of pay to display list maps directly to values in Google for Jobs.


When editing an existing posting, a validation error may display on the Pay value or range to display field because characters used in a previous posting are no longer allowed. To ensure Google may index Aero posted jobs, adjust formatting or characters according to the guidance message. 





Share a Job Posting Via Social Media

When a job posting is shared via social media, it is searchable on that specific social media platform.


See Share a Job Posting for more information about sharing job postings via social media on the Aero platform.



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