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Invoice Merge

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To avoid sending multiple invoices to one customer, the Avionté application features the ability to merge invoices. 




To merge invoices, at least two open invoices must exist for one customer. 




  1. In the Avionté Suite application, Navigate to Main Menu > Back Office > Invoice > Search

  2. Search for an open invoice

  3. Double-click the invoice row. A summary of the invoice will display.

  4. From the Invoice Summary Actions menu, select Invoice Merge

  5. The first invoice will already be displayed in the first row. Select the second invoice that will be merged with the first row.


    Multiple invoices can be merged. Continue to add invoices if needed.

  6. In the Invoice As column, select a value that will display at the top of the one, merged invoice that will be sent to the customer.

  7. After entering all invoices to be merged, click Next

  8. The Invoice Merge Transaction Item Selection tab will display. 

    1. Ensure the correct invoice items are selected for merging.

    2. To email the invoice to a customer, select Email Merged Invoice.

    3. To generate a preview of the invoice, select Invoice Preview.

  9. Click Finish.

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