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Avionté Web Platform - September 21, 2017 Release Notes

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Aero - Site 1.3.9



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Add a Company in Aero

A company can now be added through the Aero platform. Companies (referred to as "customers" in the Avionté Suite application) have always been available on the Aero platform, but had to be added through the Avionté Suite interface. 


The familiar plus.png icon is now available in the Company section. Clicking the icon generates a window of fields looking for company details like company name street address. 


Once a company has been created, its details are edited in the same manner as other Aero elements. Simply click in the text to edit the info. 



Aero Search

Aero search has been optimized to improve result generation speed. 


Company/Department Hierarchy

Any company available in Aero now features an editable display of the company's structure - its hierarchy - set up in the application. 


Access each company's (or its department's) hierarchy through the Company > Details QuickLink.




The hierarchy editor features a collapsing/expanding structure with options available for each level:

icon_-_edit.png The Edit icon enables editing of the level's data, such as the level's name or street address. 
icon_-_new_tab.png The New Tab icon opens the entire page in a new browser tab so a user can view new content without losing content on the original tab.
icon_-_new.png The Add icon is used to create a level within the level where the Add icon was clicked. Users may add departments until the hierarchy is five levels. The maximum depth that the hierarchy will display before requiring a scroll is 16.




Highlighting and Copying Text

Text in the Recruiter Module can now be highlighted and copied. 


Acknowledgement Field Character Increase

The character limit has been increased for the Acknowledgement field seen during the submit step in the Application Workflow.


Indeed XML Feed for Job Board Module

The Indeed XML feed can now generate data to be populated to an Aero job board.


To access the Indeed feed:

  1. Configure a job board in Aero
  2. Configure postings on the job board
  3. Navigate to [3 digit company code]

New Wireless Provider

Selectel Wireless ( has been added as a Service Provider in Avionté applications. Selectel Wireless has been added to the ConfigSystemChoice and ConfigSystemChoiceProperty tables.






When adding a URL to Aero's Admin > App Workflow > Link Settings that includes a reserved word ("Talent", "Recruiter", etc.), the expected error generates, however, the field now returns to the previous value.


Previously, after rejecting the suggested link with the reserved word, the field would revert to empty rather than preserving the previous link. 

BUG-253 The Account Settings functionality is now validating email address according to the expected format - anything@anything.anything

The Pay Range Search filter now works with the default value of 0.00.


The 'insufficient password 'error message has been clarified to explain the password does not meet the minimum requirements.


The new message reads "Password has not met the minimum valid password requirements. Please try again."



The message that appears after clicking the delete button for a document now says "Address will be deleted." instead of "Address will be deleted."


The error generated when an uploaded logo is too large has been edited to clarify the allowed size of the image. 


Size limitations are now applied to images uploaded to Aero. Previously, areas such as the Job Description field would become un-editable when a large image was uploaded. 


Clicking "Download Resume" from the Talent card profile page no longer returns the user to the home Talent page. 


An issue with the TextUs integration's "Import to Group" functionality has been resolved and the application now functions as designed.


An Agent issue has been resolved so that Talent available in Suite are now available in the Aero Recruiter Module. 


Talent search improvements have been applied to the Aero application. The search functionality is no longer limited to searching the firstname and lastname fields for the entire string entered, which would not return results when entering a full name.


Documents can now be uploaded into the Recruiter Module when using a Safari browser on a mobile device.  


When a job board is renamed, existing postings and RSS feeds now properly adopt the new job board path. Previously, a candidate would receive an error message when trying to connect to a posting that existed on a renamed job board. 


Companies with an apostrophe in their name can now be added to the Aero platform.


Character limits have been applied to Company address fields and an error is now generated when attempting to save an address with 50 or more characters.


The Company Details page now loads as expected, no longer generating a 'JavaScript' error. 


Updating a branch on the Company General Info QuickView now works as expected. Previously, the save operation failed when the customer did not have a main phone number. 


When editing a Company address in the General Info QuickView, duplicate countries are no longer generated in the Country drop-down menu. 


The Add Talent window is no longer cut off in the Chrome Browser. 


The ADP WOTC workflow page completes as expected, no longer generating an "Application Cannot Recover" error. 


When adding a duplicate Talent, an error message is now generated as expected.


A document uploaded to the Company Details page no longer generates a "Cannot Read Property ID of Undefined." error. 


Job descriptions are now included in RSS feeds. 


Company branches with capital letters can now be searched when using a mobile device. 


Pay descriptions now save as expected when editing a value for a Talent's salary. 

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