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May 26, 2017 - ACA Companion Application Release Notes

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May 26, 2017 - Product Version 16.3.10

Avionté-hosted customers may need to close the application following this deployment then re-open to incorporate this update. 


Self-hosted customers that have already downloaded the ACA Companion application will need to update the application. Update instructions are available in the ACA Companion Application Self-Hosted Deployment article in the Avionté Knowledge Base.

Item # Description



A new Agent job has been added to update Employee ACA Eligibility Status. The job is called ACA Employee Eligibility Status Synchronizer. 


The primary purposes of the Employee ACA Eligibility Status field is to:

  • Notify users when employees need to be offered a plan.
  • Indicate to users that the employee is currently considered full-time, part-time, or not measured.
  • Trigger certain DRMs.
  • Limit employees in imports and exports.


The ACA Eligibility Status field is now set according to these rules:

  • Set to "Yes" immediately when a measurement is completed resulting in FT (do not wait until the Stability Period).
  • Set to "Undetermined" when an employee enters a valid break-in service (deeming them "terminated").
    Updates are only applied based on records modified (measurement completed, term date set) since the last time the job was run.


The job will not run until the ACA Employment Delineator, ACA Eligibility Measurement Scheduler, and ACA Eligibility Measurement Processor jobs have finished running. It determines this by checking aca.ServiceStatus for the existence of records for all 3 with a value in LastTimeCompleted and a RecordsProcessed value of "0." 


The standard ACA counter ACA End Active Enrollment has been added. 


ACA End Active Enrollment performs a function similar to  the counter ACA End Active Ded/Cont (clu_ACA_EndDeductionAndContribution), but looks at open-ended benefit offers in the ACACA instead of Employee Deduction/Contribution records in the Core application.


This work also includes adjustments to clu_ACA_EndDeductionAndContribution for better performance.


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