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Avionté Web Platform - October 12, 2017 Release Notes

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Aero - Site 1.3.17

Aero - Site 1.3.18

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Indeed Feed

The Indeed XML feed - which generates data to an Aero job board - has been updated to include the full supplier "Full Name" from Admin Tools. The customer name from an order is no longer displayed in the feed XML.

Additionally, the feed's URL field is now pulling the Posting Detail URL rather than the Direct Apply link. 


To access the Indeed feed:

  1. Configure a job board in Aero
  2. Configure postings on the job board
  3. Navigate to [3 digit company code]

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The Resume button on the Recruiter Module's Talent card now downloads resumes as expected.


The Back button no longer stays available after clicking the Submit button on an Application Workflow Acknowledgement.


In the Recruiter Module, phone numbers with extensions are now formatted correctly. 

Previously, phone numbers with extensions were formatted with multiple digits in the country code, but none displayed as an extension (e.g. +123456 (789) 012-3456).


When creating a company, the Phone Number Extension field is now properly saving data.


When clicking "Create account" during an application workflow, an applicant now returns to the same workflow step once the account is created. 

Previously, when an applicant created an account from the optional "Create account" link and they log in, the application incorrectly redirected back to the first step of the current workflow rather than the current workflow step from which the applicant clicked "Create account."


RSS feeds generated by an Aero job board now include a published date (pubDate) element. According to RSS specifications, 'pubDate' is an optional element, however, some sites (e.g. Hootsuite) require a the element in order to use the feed.


Employee statuses associated to a branch then disassociated from the branch no longer appear in the branch display.


The Application Workflow acknowledgement page now uses the full supplier name rather than the short nickname for the supplier.


The help tip for the Pay value or range to display field has been updated to "Provide a numeric value. Express min/max ranges by separating two numbers with a hyphen, e.g. 10.00-15.50" for greater clarification.

Previously, the tip read "minus sign" (rather than "hyphen") though there is not a mathematical procedure occurring in the field. 


The Recruiter Module 'Search Tips' link now correctly access the Aero Search - General help article in the knowledge base. 


When creating a new contact from Aero > Contacts, phone numbers with dashes now render as expected in the Contact's data displayed in the Suite application. 

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