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October 12, 2017 ACA Companion Application Release Notes

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The ACA Companion Application now passes the Wyoming WC Codes associated with an employee's assignments when generating Greenshades XML. Wyoming WC Codes are now represented on Greenshades reporting.


To match Greenshades XML formatting, Avionté now removes commas and periods from employee names before generating the XML file sent to Greenshades. Employee names with commas and/or periods now transfer properly within the XML file. 


When attempting to process 1095-C corrections, an error is no longer generated due to an employee having a family member with the same first, middle, and last name as the employee.


Employee status declarations are now generated based on hours properly mapped to historical data. 


ACA enrollments, declinations, and offers are no longer deleted when editing a benefit package.


Employee statuses are no longer unexpectedly changed to 'Undetermined." 


The Agent job ACA Eligibility Sync now creates an audit record as expected when the job updates an employee's eligibility.


ACA Employee re-imports no longer fail if an employee record does not have a city in its address. 

Previously, if an employee did not have a city in their address when re-importing employee data into the ACA companion app, the import process failed with an exception and the application crashed.


When two employee records are merged, the aca employee mappings are now updated to point to the new merged record, resolving measurement issues.


The Description column of an ACA form batch is now populated as expected when a batch is created in the ACA Companion application.

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